Reddit's new ad format blends in with regular posts

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What you need to know

  • Reddit has introduced a new ad format, dubbed free-form ads, designed to look similar to regular user posts.
  • Free-form ads incorporate various formats, such as images, videos, and text, within a single post using templates.
  • Early data shows promising results, with free-form ads garnering 28% more clicks and increased engagement compared to other ad formats.

Reddit has launched a fresh ad format that's crafted to blend right in with regular user posts.

The new ad style, known as free-form ads, lets advertisers engage with users just like regular posts, aiming to get the most interaction possible. These ads allow advertisers to mix it up with different formats in one post, like images, videos, and text, thanks to handy templates.

Reddit mentions that the ad format is inspired by one of the platform's favorite post types: megathreads. These megatrends act as hubs for discussions on hot topics, making them a go-to spot for users.

According to the company, this new format could be perfect for things like product launches or getting a brand in front of a fresh audience. Like other ads on Reddit, users can tell the difference between free-form ads and regular posts because they'll have a "Promoted" label next to the company's name.

Reddit mentioned that these new ads are its most native format yet, made to look similar to community content shared by users. However, with the proper label, it is not difficult to identify that it is an ad.

Reddit's new ad format

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Reddit clarified that the open-ended design of these ads will grant advertisers more room to get creative and spark conversations with Redditors. However, while the new format might appeal to advertisers, ads that resemble regular posts might not be well-received by users.

Despite concerns, early results indicate that the initiative is paying off. According to Reddit's data, free-form ads received 28% more clicks than other ad formats on the site and witnessed an increase in engagement.

The new ad format is now available to all advertisers on Reddit worldwide through the Reddit Ads Manager.

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