Plex makes it easy to find the right content from your favorite streaming services

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What you need to know

  • Plex has announced a couple of new changes coming to all users.
  • Plex Discover makes it easy for users to see where movies or shows are available. 
  • Universal Watchlist works as a cross-platform watchlist for many streaming services.

For many, Plex is already the home for your own personal library of movies, TV shows, and whatever else you might have stored on a NAS server. But this doesn't account for the various streaming services that you might be subscribed to. And Plex is hoping to help there too. 

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We've all been there before. Trying to figure out what you want to watch for the weekly movie night, only to keep bouncing in between different apps like Disney+, Netflix, or something else. The first new feature introduced by Plex today aims to make life a bit easier as you will be able to link the streaming services you subscribe to with your Plex account. 

With Plex Discover, you can search for titles and Plex will tell you where you can find those movies or shows. This removes the bouncing around between different apps, only to get frustrated and land on something that you didn't really want to watch. 

Plex Universal Watchlist

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Next up, the new Universal Watchlist is also going to come in huge for those who want to keep track of shows or movies that you want to watch later on. Instead of needing to prune and maintain your watchlists between different apps, Plex is giving you a one-stop-shop for everything. Again, you'll need to head into the settings to select the different streaming services that you subscribe to, but then it's smooth sailing.

Perhaps the best part about all of these new changes and features is that they are coming to Plex users on the best streaming devices for absolutely nothing. Instead of locking them behind the Plex Pro subscription, the service is including these features for free. The only "catch" is that they are currently accessible via a "publicly-available beta," so if you don't want to tinker with your Plex setup, you might want to hang tight for a bit longer.

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