Pixel Superfans receive an invitation to test Bard, Google's answer to ChatGPT

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What you need to know

  • Google begins sending emails out to a small, random group of Pixel Superfans.
  • Members will gain early access to Bard when it launches along with the chance of providing key feedback to Google.
  • The company's generative AI efforts have ramped up with its most recent announcement of such a service coming to its Workspace apps.

As the tech race speeds up as companies create their own chatbots, Google is bringing its latest project to a more open setting.

It looks like Google has started emailing members of its Pixel Superfan club an invitation to test its new conversational AI, Bard (via Telegram). The fact was made known after a Redditor posted on the Google Pixel subreddit about the invitation and what it entails.

Not all Pixel Superfan members are going to get in on this, unfortunately, as Google explains in its invitation that those receiving one are "a part of a small, randomly selected group." Furthermore, accepting the invite will provide early access to Google's generative AI Bard when the service launches. Members will also have the opportunity to provide their own unique feedback, as a result.

An invitation some Pixel Superfans may receive for early access to Google's AI Bard.

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If you are one of the lucky Pixel Superfan members to receive an invite, accept it if you are interested ASAP because space is limited. Google has also provided a link to a form (which you cannot share) that you must fill out if you are interested in participating in the collaboration.

Google's Bard is the company's response to OpenAI's ChatGPT. Bard is focused primarily on Search, coming in as a conversational AI based on the company's LaMDA language model. Previously, Google was keeping testing of Bard close to the chest, allowing only trusted testers to mess around with it and provide feedback.

With the service opening in a slightly more public setting, Google is hoping actual consumer feedback can help get Bard off the ground and ready for primetime, as "large language models will not always get it right." There have been some issues with conversational AI such as this, notably with ChatGPT, as the bot was found to suffer through "AI hallucination." This is a condition where the bot will add in things you've never said or details that are purely false because, after all, it is artificial intelligence.

Most recently, Google announced its plans to bring generative AI to its suite of Workspace apps like Gmail and Docs. With this embedded AI tool, users can enter their own request and have the AI service do the work, or they can utilize its AI powers to rewrite what they've written in a more formal manner, for example.

If you're ever interested in trying to become a Pixel Superfan for future perks down the road, this form is all you'll need to sign up.

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