OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open get the latest security patches

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What you need to know

  • OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open get the June Android security patch this week.
  • Additionally, the latest update has several improvements, new features, and bug fixes.
  • While the OnePlus 12 receives the latest firmware in multiple regions, including the U.S., the firmware release for the OnePlus Open is currently limited to India.

OnePlus has started rolling out its June Android security patch update for its premium handsets, including the latest OnePlus 12 and the OnePlus Open. Both phones are getting the OxygenOS builds. However, they differ significantly when it comes to their change logs.

The build to the OnePlus 12 is being rolled out extensively with regions including the European Union, India, and North America. It brings several new Touch Control improvements, such as app icons that are promised to respond faster when users tap them on their home screens.

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Similarly, overall touch responsiveness will see improvements when opening/closing apps. The company notes in the accompanying community post that the animations are also said to be optimized when opening and closing multiple apps and when dragging them on the home screen.

Widget showcasing on the Home Screen is likely seeing improvements as well. Besides, there are several animation upgrades with the latest build on the OnePlus 12, which comprise:

  • Adds Gaussian blur effects when opening and closing app icons on the Home screen.
  • Adds a transition animation when opening and closing Home screen widgets.
  • Adds a transition animation for clock widgets when the screen is turned off.

The other system-wide improvements on the OnePlus 12 involve Lock Screen Pin/Pattern tracking, which means users can choose to turn off animation tracking while entering their Pin or Pattern while unlocking the device. 

The Fluid Cloud feature, which is popular with OxygenOS 14, will now showcase music controls. There was a bug that would display a volume slider in Quick Settings and another one while hitting the physical volume rockers simultaneously. This is supposedly addressed with the latest firmware on the OnePlus 12. 

The new release incorporates the June Android security patch and improves gaming stability. A fix seems to address the screen turning black in some instances while gaming on the OnePlus 12. These and the volume slider fixes are the common issues shared and addressed with the firmware update released to the company's first foldable phone, the OnePlus Open.

OnePlus Open review

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OnePlus notes in the post that security improvements are included on the OnePlus Open with the latest OxygenOS build. These include minimal-level permission grants for the Calendar app to provide maximum information security. The latest firmware release also improves clipboard privacy. It will automatically detect privacy information on the clipboard and prevent unauthorized app access without users' consent to "minimize the risk of privacy leaks."

Other system-wide changes include music controls displayed in Live Alerts on the foldable phone. The firmware release addresses an issue where system data is taking up more storage space. Issues causing unexpected screen rotation "when switching a video app from the cover screen to the main screen" are also being fixed.

The OnePlus 12's builds are rolling out in batches for the aforementioned regions, and the OnePlus Open firmware release is currently confined to the Indian region.

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