OnePlus 10T is the latest to get the OxygenOS 13 (Android 13) update

The OnePlus 10T standing out in color against a black & white backdrop of Times Square at night
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What you need to know

  • OxygenOS 13 brings a host of new features to the OnePlus 10T.
  • It includes Aquamorphic Design, Meeting Assistant, and other important security and privacy features. 
  • OnePlus 10T users across India, Europe, and the U.S. started getting the Android 13-based update.

OnePlus has announced an Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 update to its flagship OnePlus 10T smartphone.

After its older counterparts like the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 8 series received the stable Android 13-based update last month, the OnePlus 10T owners are the latest to get the new firmware release. In a recent community post, OnePlus stated that the Open Beta version of the 10T devices will be the first to receive the OxygenOS 13 update, while it would be pushed to remaining users gradually.

The new Android 13 update bearing CPH2413_11.C.12 (India), CPH2415_11.C.22 (EU), CPH2415_11.C.22 (global), CPH2417_11.C.22 (NA) version numbers are likely to hit the OnePlus 10T devices first based on the respective regions.

Like the previous OxygenOS 13 updates to older OnePlus devices, the changelog for the OnePlus 10T also looks familiar. It starts with the Aquamorphic Design, which brings new theming capabilities across the interface alongside making animations feel smooth and vivid.

The update brings a Shadow-Reflective Clock that simulates the sun's and moon's orientation. The home screen has a new clock widget to showcase multiple time zones across regions. Touch input interactions across the interface are said to be improved with upgrades to Quantum Animation Engine 4.0 with the latest firmware release.

The next iteration of Always-On Display will showcase live information about your music, ride-hailing, and food delivery apps, provided they're adapted to the new version of the operating system. The OxygenOS 13 also brings a Meeting Assistant to enhance the meeting connecting and note-taking experience for the OnePlus 10T users. The other perks include adding large folders to the home screen.

While the latest OxygenOS changelog provided by OnePlus includes many other changes, the other primary ones also come in the security and privacy section.

There is a new automatic pixelation feature for chat screenshots. With the latest update, OnePlus says, "the system can identify and automatically pixelate profile pictures and display names in a chat screenshot to protect your privacy."

Also, for enhanced security, OnePlus offers Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt all files, especially private ones. Lastly, the gaming experience is said to have improved on OnePlus' one of the best Android phones, with upgrades to HyperBoost GPA 4.0, which promises to bring stability to frame rate and balance the performance next to power consumption in crucial situations.

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