Instagram x LE SSERAFIM brings a new feature just in time for Coachella

Instagram is rolling out "Frames," a unique polaroid-like frame just in time for Coachella.
(Image credit: Instagram)

What you need to know

  • In collaboration with the K-Pop girl group LE SSERAFIM, Instagram debuted a new sticker called "Frames" for Stories.
  • Frames lets users turn photos saved in their camera roll into polaroid-like photos that need to be "developed" when shared.
  • Those who see your shared photo will have to "shake to reveal" the photo behind the fog.

Today (Apr. 15), Instagram is rolling out a feature just in time for the next leg of Coachella in partnership with a popular K-pop group.

According to Instagram, as part of its collaboration with K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM, the platform is rolling out "Frames" for Stories. The feature is stated to let users turn their photos into polaroids with a single tap. Photos saved to your camera roll can be given this new Story sticker.

Instagram adds that those wanting to see your photo will have to "shake their phone to reveal the content inside."

To get started, users can initiate Story creation on Instagram and then tap the "sticker" icon. Tapping the "Frames" sticker option will open your phone's gallery to select which image you'd like to use. Instagram states that only one image can be framed at a time using the Polaroid Frame.

After deciding, users can throw in a caption. The company states this will automatically imprint the date and timestamp for when the photo was originally taken.

When using the Polaroid Frame, others will see a "shake to reveal" option at the bottom of your Story. This will "develop" the image (how a real-life Polaroid works), revealing the photo users want to share.

Instagram is rolling out "Frames" today (Apr. 15), so users can start utilizing it through Coachella's part two. The musical event will run once more from April 19 to April 21 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

This is the second update to reach Instagram recently as, last week, the platform rolled out "Cutouts" and teased more for Notes. The former was touted as a feature that lets users turn themselves into unique, usable stickers in Instagram Stories. Cutouts could also be used in Reels. However, users could grab their videos and turn them into animated stickers.

Notes are getting a few upgrades, such as "Prompts" and more visibility in Instagram profiles. Prompts are an interable variant of Notes that lets others interact and respond with emojis, quick blurbs, and more.

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