Google Wallet update brings tickets and boarding passes straight from Gmail

Google Wallet new features
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What you need to know

  • Google Wallet is adding support to directly incorporate movie tickets and boarding passes from email.
  • It currently supports the confirmation emails received in the Gmail app.
  • Other nifty features are included in the update, such as the ability to archive older passes.

Google Wallet received a new update last week that makes it much easier to store movie tickets and boarding passes on the app.

Users who usually get the confirmation email for their movie tickets and boarding passes will now automatically be added to the Google Wallet, notes Android Developers in the accompanying release notes

The integration is believed to be live for a few global movie chains next to some airlines, and the search giant plans to expand this further. Needless to say, this functionality is currently functional for Gmail users on their Android phones.

With the new release, the flight passes will now utilize the DATETIME format by default to showcase the date and time on the front of the pass when added to Google Wallet.

The latest update further has some notable improvements for the Google Wallet app. It includes an easier way to manage passes that appear in the wallet app. Users can manually archive passes, which will be moved to a new “Archived Passes” section, previously dubbed “Expired Passes.” It applies to WearOS-powered smartwatches as well. Additionally, users can still unarchive their used or expired passes to view them on their home screens.

Add new card to Google Wallet on Pixel Watch

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The new update also fixes a minor bug that prevented the title label from appearing on the back of the respective card while it was always showcased on the front, widely known as in card view. 

Furthermore, the latest release of Google Wallet in the U.S. includes a new beta feature. Users who generally store Loyalty cards in the app can now view their benefits while shopping through Google Search and Google Shopping. Users interested in utilizing the feature can join the pilot program by contacting respective support.

Lastly, Google Wallet will soon gain AppLinkData definitions for card viewing, letting users access the app or website linked to the service more easily. It further prompts you to install the app if it hasn’t already been installed on your Android device.

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