'Google Vids' debuts at Cloud Next 2024 with gen AI updates for Workspace

Google Cloud Next 2024.
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What you need to know

  • Google is hosting its Cloud Next 2024 conference, and with that comes the introduction of "Google Vids."
  • Google Vids is an AI-powered video creation app for Workspace users that enables them to create storyboards, choose templates, and select voiceovers.
  • Several more generative AI features are preparing to arrive for other apps, such as Docs, Sheets, and Gemini in Gmail.

Google is hosting its Cloud Next 2024 conference where it got candid on new generative AI features for Workspace and the debut of a new app.

According to a Keyword post, the company introduced its newest Workspace app, "Google Vids." The announcement states that this "AI-powered" video creation app can help users generate storyboards with several options for editing and stylizing. Google Vids is also said to feature voice-over capabilities. Users can pick between pre-set voices or use their own.

An example of the various video templates for "Google Vids."

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If you're having trouble with styles, Google Vids offers a range of templates users can look through. The company states its AI software will suggest scenes from stock videos, images, and background music.

Since this is going into Workspace, users can add others to collaborate on the video. Google adds that users can "share projects securely" directly from their browsers. Google Vids is expected to arrive in Workspace Labs in June 2024.

Google Docs is preparing to receive new customization features.

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Google Docs is preparing to pick up a new "tabs experience," according to the update post. The company states the new feature is designed to help users "organize related information" in a document. Better document customization is en route in the form of new cover images that extend the length of the page horizontally.

The company states this update to Docs will arrive "in the coming weeks."

Sheets is gaining new goodies for its table feature. Google says this update will make it easier for Workspace users to "format and organize" their data through its upcoming design refresh. A new array of templates will accompany this, making it easy for users to hop into a ready-made sheet without beginning from zero.

These updates for Sheets will appear "in the coming weeks" as well.

Gmail is receiving new voice capabilities for "Help me write" and Gemini's "Polish" arrives for Workspace customers.

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Gmail made a quick appearance with Google preparing to roll out an update to "Help me write" that brings voice capabilities. Gemini will be included in a coming update for Gmail as it delivers a way for users to turn their notes into an email. Gemini in Gmail is available through Workspace Labs but appears slowly as the company rolls it out.

Google states Gemini Enterprise, Business, and Google One AI Premium customers will be able to take advantage of these new tools.

Cloud Next 2024 showed Google's willingness to fine-tune some other areas of Workspace, starting with Meet. The company is planning on launching "Translate for me in Meet" in the next few months, which brings automatic detection and translation for captions. To go with this, Google is adding support for 52 additional languages.

It's worth noting that this will only be available to customers who purchase the new AI Meetings and Messaging add-on for $10 "per user per month." The company states this feature will arrive in June, and the add-on can be attached to "select" Workspace plans.

Lastly, "AI Security" is on its way to select Workspace plans as a $10 add-on. Google says the feature will let IT teams protect sensitive files for an entire company in Drive. AI Security does piggyback off Google's AI software. The AI is said to evaluate, classify, and protect files for users continuously.

AI security is available today (Apr. 9) for Workspace users.

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