Google Search gains handy new updates for desktop and mobile

Google Search bar on the home screen of the Google Pixel 6a
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What you need to know

  • Google is rolling out some new features to the Search desktop and mobile clients.
  • Google Search is gaining continuous scrolling for the web, allowing users to see up to six search results at once.
  • Google Search app for mobile comes with enhanced filters for search queries. 

Continuous scrolling was initially added to Google Search's mobile app last year. It allowed access to the first four result pages instead of a single result page. This week, Google will bring continuous scrolling to its desktop client.

The new feature will allow users to see up to six results pages, offering a smoother, uninterrupted search experience, especially since you're most likely going to find your desired result within the first six pages.

Google says the feature is currently being rolled out to its Search's desktop client for English language users in the U.S.

Google Search for mobile is also getting some enhanced features. In an announcement blog post, the search giant has introduced new filters as a way to dive deeper and explore relative topics when users search for anything on Google.

Previously, you would see options for 'All,' 'Images,' 'Videos,' 'News,' 'Shopping,' and 'More' when you view results on Google search. Now, Google will also provide an "easy-to-scroll" list of relative topics, which will appear under the search bar.

This way, if you're searching for food, the displayed search result will also include other topics like "healthy" and "vegetarian" to further filter the results.

Google Search topics

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These topic suggestions for your search query will help refine your search, eliminating the need to type more to what you are specifically looking for. Google further states that these topics are dynamic and will change as you type or extend the search query resulting in more topics and options to choose from.

Behind the scenes of this new feature include Google's systems that automatically display suitable topics for you based on what the search giant understands about how "people search and from analyzing content across the web."


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The new filters contain multiple options, and users who aren't interested in these suggested topics have the option to check the "All filters" option that will sit at the end of the row of provided filters.

The said topics/filters feature will be available to English language users in the U.S. The feature has already begun rolling out on the Google search app for Android, mobile web, and iOS.

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