Android 13 beta tests inline Play Store search results for apps you haven't installed yet

Google Pixel 6 Pro curved screen
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What you need to know

  • Google is looking to add inline Play Store search returns in Android 13.
  • Play Store search results will display the app, its rating, and the developer name.
  • The new Play Store results don't appear to be available on all Pixels just yet.

Google is adding more Play Store search capabilities for select Pixel phones running the Android 13 beta.

As spotted by 9to5Google, more useful Play Store search results are being tested to help users easily find the app they may want. As 9to5Google explains, searching for an app that is not installed on your phone will return specific results from the Play Store. The information that's currently being shown in the beta is the app's name, rating, and the developer behind it.

Play Store results in the Pixel Launcher on android 13 beta

(Image credit: Android Central)

It may also bring up related apps of the same name. For example, a search for "Facebook" brings up "Facebook Lite" since the former is already installed.

Clicking on "Play Store" will just take you to the Play Store, while clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the Play Store results for the app, similar to selecting "Search on Play Store." However, clicking on the app result will take you directly to the app entry within the Play Store, skipping a few steps on your way to installing said app.

As Google moves on with its Android 13 beta, it continues to tweak its on-device search experience for Pixel devices. Users should expect an upgraded experience across the home screen and app drawer search bars on their devices, bringing up various results to users, such as web-based results, on-device options, and more. The Pixel Launcher's on-device search also allows users to open other apps such as YouTube or the Play Store to help find what they're looking for, and this new feature is a slick extension of that.

9to5Google notes that these recent beta features seem to only be present on Google's latest Android phones, such as the Pixel 6 Pro and 6a. It doesn't appear to be available (yet) on older Pixels, despite running the same beta version. That said, the Pixel 6a doesn't appear to bring up contact information during your searches, meaning Google is likely still testing this new unified search experience.

On that note, 9to5 points out a new survey on Google Opinion Rewards, asking users about their on-device search experience.

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