Google Photos rolls out Memories view with AI at its core

Google Photos library tab showing its logo above the favorites and utilities buttons
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What you need to know

  • Google is starting to roll out its Memories view tab to U.S. users, with global users set to gain it in the "coming months."
  • Memories view is backed by generative AI, which will curate and organize photos while offering title suggestions.
  • Users can add others to their memories as "co-authors" for more photos or videos.

Google is beginning to roll out a new tab in Photos that automatically curates your important moments, courtesy of AI.

The company details the new Memories view in a Keyword blog post, stating that this "scrapbook-like timeline" lets users relive past events and share them effortlessly. The new Memories view tab will replace the "Share" option in the bottom navigational bar, slotting itself between "Photos" and "Library."

With AI, Google says its software will organize your memories as well as curate them, although you can also do it yourself if you prefer.

Users will also find a "Help me title" button, which will use generative AI to return suggestions based on the photos within the memory. If the suggested titles aren't too favorable, the "Add hint" option lets users guide the AI in the direction they're looking for. This feature is a subtle extension of Google's Labs experimental testing and will only be available for select U.S. accounts.

Although, if you'd rather not look to AI to name your memories, you can do that, too. Users can choose to hide memories entirely if they choose.

Adding friends or family as "co-authors" in Google Photos' Memories view.

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The Memories view is taking a page out of Google's shared album book by letting users invite their friends or family as "co-author" of a memory. Doing so will let others see the photos involved and contribute their own photos to the scrapbook.

When viewing the memory, if a co-author has submitted a new photo, their name and photo will appear in a floating chip at the top of the view.

Google is rolling out the new Memories view in Photos in the U.S. starting today, August 15. The feature will become available globally in the "coming months."

Furthermore, the company states it'll soon add a way for users to save their Memories as a video so they can share them via social media or send them as a message.

The Memories carousel has been a part of Photos for several years now, and it even received quite a substantial update last year. Google Photos' new Memories view tab might serve as a more centralized place where users can interact with their favorite moments, edit, and share them a little easier.

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