Google highlights Password Manager upgrades on Android, iOS, and more

Chrome on Android
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What you need to know

  • Google announces several updates arriving for Password Manager.
  • The feature will now offer a unified UI across Chrome and Android settings with expanded password warnings for users on multiple platforms.
  • Touch-to-Login on Android makes it faster to sign into websites.

Google has been busy bringing new experiences to the Password Manager, and now the company is announcing several updates that aim to bring a consistent and better experience across platforms.

Users can now expect a "unified management experience" between the Password Manager found in Chrome and Android settings, both of which will now appear identical instead of having two different UIs. Google says this is to address user feedback and clear up any confusion.

In addition, Google highlights the new Password Manager shortcut that's rolling out on Android phones.

Google Password Manager shortcut

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Google is also expanding its password check on Android smartphones to also include weak and re-used passwords. This comes in addition to compromised password checks, which is now coming to users across platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Linux.

iPhone users will also be able to take advantage of Google's password generation feature if they set Chrome as their autofill provider. This way, users can rely on Google when they need to set up a strong password for any of their iOS apps.

Google Password Manager weak and reused passwords

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Google Password Manager iOS password generator

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If you don't want to rely on Google to generate login details and prefer to input them yourself, Google is now letting users on all platforms do just that. You can input the website and login information or select the app you want to designate.

Google Password Manager input login credentials

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Lastly, Google is expanding on its Touch-to-Fill feature that can insert saved credentials into login fields. Now, Chrome users on Android will be able to take advantage of Touch-to-Login, which streamlines the process even further by inserting and logging users into a website with just the touch of a button.

Google Password Manager Touch to Login

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