Google One is playing hide-and-seek with its 200GB plan

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What you need to know

  • Google is emphasizing its AI subscription tier on Google One, seemingly downplaying the visibility of the standard 200GB plan.
  • The $3 monthly plan appears to be intentionally hidden, leading users who max out the 100GB plan to be automatically directed to the 2TB option on the web.
  • The 200GB plan is still visible in the Google One app, though it requires users to scroll down and select "See more plans" to view additional options.

Google seems to be pushing Google One's new AI subscription tier over its standard 200GB plan, as the company is seemingly hiding that plan.

As initially spotted by Google Watch Blog, it seems Google is hiding the $3 monthly 200GB plan (via 9to5Google). This means that if you max out your 100GB plan, you're automatically pushed to the 2TB option, at least on the web.

Android Central can confirm that the standard tier has disappeared on Google One's website, suggesting that this is a widespread rollout (this author is subscribed to the 2TB tier). This happens whether or not you're logged in to your account.

The website only shows the plan you are currently on when you are signed in, and it then immediately switches to the 2TB plan. When you're logged out, the 200GB plan is skipped, and only the 15GB free tier and the 100GB plan are displayed next to the standard 2TB tier.

Strangely, the 200GB plan is still displayed in the Google One app, albeit less prominently. It will therefore be necessary for you to scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "See more plans" in order to see the other tiers, which include the standard 200GB and basic 100GB tiers.

One thing is still evident despite the confusion: Google One hasn't discontinued the 200GB plan in any way. Therefore, you can still use the mobile app to downgrade if you're a subscriber to one of the more expensive plans.

We've reached out to Google for a statement and will update this post when we hear back.

There are speculations that Google is keeping the 200GB plan out of sight for new users to push the 2TB AI Premium tier front and center. It makes sense, considering the search giant just rolled out this new tier with Gemini Advanced, signaling its growing focus on offering generative AI capabilities to compete with OpenAI.

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