Google Maps expands Immersive View, introduces glanceable directions

A view of Chicago on Google Maps running on a ThinkPhone by Motorola
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What you need to know

  • Some new features have been announced for Google Maps.
  • Immersive View is expanding to more cities and more than 500 landmarks around the world.
  • Maps will soon introduce glanceable directions to make it easier to track your route progress.
  • Recents on desktop will let you select three or more places when planning a trip.

On Wednesday, Google announced a handful of updates to Google Maps that will help users navigate and plan their next trips, whether on mobile or desktop.

Coming later this month, Google Maps will soon bring glanceable directions to iOS and Android phones for walking, cycling, and driving modes. It's a pretty handy update that allows users to get a preview of their route without actually hitting the start button. Instead, users can set a destination and make their way while still receiving turns and updated ETAs.

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And since you're not in the navigation mode, you'll have a fuller view of the places around you on the map via the preview screen or lock screen. This makes it easy to see places that you might want to visit along the way, and in case you get sidetracked, Maps will automatically update your ETA and route.

For Maps for desktop, the Recents tab will now automatically save locations you've viewed. That way, you won't have to search for it later if you click out of the window. And when you're ready to plan your next trip, users will be able to select three or more places from the Recents tab and add them to your directions, letting Google Maps handle the rest.

You can also share this route with a friend in case they may have some suggestions.

Selecting multiple cities from the Recents tab in Google Maps on desktop

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Updates to the Recents tab on desktop will roll out globally in July.

Lastly, Google Maps is further expanding Immersive View to four more cities, including Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice, which will be available starting today. In addition, the feature is expanding to "over 500 iconic landmarks around the world," with Prague Castle and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as notable highlights.

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