Google Maps appears ready to help EVs and hybrid cars save energy

Google Maps Navigation
(Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Maps' latest beta showcases new features in navigation.
  • The feature involves showing an energy-efficient route tailored for electric and hybrid cars.
  • This new feature is likely to roll out in the coming weeks.

Google Maps is developing a new feature that will delight owners of electric and hybrid vehicles. The app is said to have a new navigation capability that is believed to offer better energy-efficient routes for EVs and hybrid cars.

The folks at 9to5Google had found new information in their APK Insights of the Google Maps beta app for Android phones. The latest update bearing version 11.39 features new options to select an engine type that users are currently driving, such as gas, diesel, electric, and hybrid. The selected options are said to be used by Google Maps to tailor navigation to each type of car, giving routes that will save the most fuel or energy for various vehicles.

Google Maps already helps users find fuel-efficient routes depending on certain variables such as traffic congestion. The goal is to provide customers with a route with the lowest carbon footprint and a similar ETA to the quickest route.

However, because not all cars are the same, the most fuel-efficient route for one vehicle type might not offer the same efficiency for another type. And with more electric vehicles on the road, Google appears to be working on tailoring Maps to account for these types of vehicles.

New! Get fuel-efficient routes tailored to your vehicle's engine type.

Save more fuel by choosing your engine type.

This info helps Maps find the route that will save you the most fuel or energy.

Last year, Google rolled out a new Maps feature for select EVs that helps drivers easily find charging stations during their commute. However, this new feature could be a game changer for electric vehicle owners and help reduce range anxiety by helping them reach their destination more efficiently.

EV drivers are already playing their part in reducing carbon footprint. Google has also been committed to building a more sustainable future through its products, and the new beta feature appears to be the next step in the right direction.

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