Google Keep is finally gaining the most requested window resize feature

Google Keep overflow menu
(Image credit: Jay Bonggolto / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Keep appears to have a new feature in store for its users.
  • The note-taking app was found testing a window resize feature in split mode for Android devices.
  • When the feature rolls out officially, it will help make multitasking easier for Android tablets, foldable, and bigger Android phone users.

Google Keep is one of the default note-taking apps for Android users, and it is now getting the most requested feature. The search giant is on the verge of rolling out the window resize feature soon, according to new findings from tipster AssembleDebug.

Google Keep users will soon be able to resize their app window on their Android devices, the tipster explains in collaboration with Android Authority, unlike the current app version, where users can set the window to a predetermined size or to a full-screen mode.

However, according to the tipster, a new hidden flag in the Google Keep app bearing the version brings in a new slide layout — allowing users to resize their windows per their preference.

The short video featured in the publication showcases the new ability in action, where users can drag the slide bar to resize the Google Keep app window. It is handy for users who multitask often and use the Keep app to take notes on their Android phones. Whenever the feature rolls out officially, it presumably works even better for Android tablets, foldable phones, and bigger Android phones — used mainly in landscape mode.

The publication further notes that the Google Calendar app supports the sliding pane option in a split window layout. The feature is expected to debut in Android handsets featuring more than 600 ppi (pixel per inch) displays.

The feature's rollout still needs to be determined; as it is currently hidden behind a flag, the official rollout of the feature seems inevitable.

Meanwhile, the Google Keep app has recently seen significant changes. The search giant, for instance, has rolled out a revamped toolbar to the app, which is a floating, pill-shaped pane to take up less space and provide essential tools like the ability to create a note, a list, and a drawing/picture note.

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