Google Home app brings enhanced camera performance, better Wear OS notifications

The new redesigned Google Home app for Fall 2022
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google details a few updates, backed by user feedback, coming for the Home Public Preview.
  • Live camera feeds to gain a speed increase, and Wear OS 3 devices can view images from doorbell/camera notifications.
  • Google states users should expect more as there is "big news" on the way.

The Google Home app public preview continues to improve, thanks to user feedback. Today, the company introduced a trio of updates that will soon roll out to users of the public preview.

One notable change coming to the Google Home public preview aims to improve the speed of live view cameras and the rate at which users can access their camera recordings. To go along with this, Google is pushing an update to Home test users that enables camera and doorbell notifications to their Wear OS 3 devices. Specifically, this update includes images, bringing more glanceable notifications to your Pixel Watch and other smartwatches.

Users should note that this will only work with Nest cameras and doorbells released in 2021 or later.

Google Home users may enjoy this change considering Wear OS 3's updated Google Home app only brought smart home device controls. Items such as your lights or thermostat were readily available, but if you wanted to see what was going on with your cameras, you were kicked to your phone.

The Nest Community post also highlights the ability to rearrange the "Favorites" tab in the Google Home public preview app for smartphones. This way, users can quickly get to the cameras and devices they need quick access to without digging through the app.

This could come in handy, especially after Google quietly integrated additional cameras and improved the support of other smart home devices on its Home app. Camera brands like Reolink and Wyze join the fray, with users finding better controls for ovens, shutters, and curtains.

The Google Home Team finished by stating there is still more to come and that users should expect "big news in the coming weeks." It's not quite clear what this could entail, exactly. However, the company could be gearing up to push its total Home redesign to the public, or maybe there's something else coming, as Google I/O 2023 is only weeks away.

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