Google Home app integrates more cameras, improves support for several devices

The new redesigned Google Home app for Fall 2022
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What you need to know

  • Google has quietly started to expand its supported cameras in the Home app.
  • Reports state camera brands now include Reolink, TP-Link Kasa, Wyze, Yi, Tellur, Tuya, Xiaomi, and Nooie.
  • Another finding shows the Google Home app has improved the interface and controls for several devices like ovens, shutters, curtains, and lawnmowers.

The Google Home app has gone through a few different changes recently and it looks like it's opening up to more cameras.

We may only be a week into April but 9to5Google has spotted Google quietly bringing more smart home camera brands into the fold on its Home app. Some of the best outdoor security cameras like the ones from Reolink have started appearing on the "cameras" page of the Google Home app as the company is expanding that specific brand. It also looks like TP-Link Kasa cameras have also started gaining support, as well.

It appears that a couple of the TP-Link Kasa cameras have "voice notifications," which are pretty similar to what Arlo cameras provide through the app. Users on Reddit have started reporting a much wider range of Wyze cameras showing support through the Home app's streaming page, as well. Additionally, there have been small mentions about the app now supporting Yi, Tellur, Tuya, Xiaomi, and Nooie-branded cameras.

Just recently, French publication GHomeFrance noticed new interface changes for a few different device types on the Google Home app (via 9to5Google). The improvements begin with smart window shutters and curtains now having a pill-shaped sliders in the app so users can set how much the device should open for sunlight.

The app has also displayed interface changes when controlling your garage door, oven, heater, and diffuser. In regard to smart ovens, additional modes and settings have started to appear alongside toggles users might deem useful. The interface changes for heaters and diffusers include settings for alternate modes accompanied by your standard on and off toggles.

GHomeFrance mentioned lawnmowers are gaining increased support, and it appears those particular devices now have controls in the Home app similar to automated floor vacuums.

The inclusion of so many different smart home brands within Google's own app is likely due to the Matter initiative. This new connectivity standard welcomes all smart home brands, so long as they are Matter certified, to be used with whatever central hub you'd like, such as the Google Home app.

Late last year, Google rolled out a completely revamped experience of the Home app on phones before rolling out a dedicated Wear OS app soon after. It feels like the Mountain View-based company is committed to making its smart home app the central hub Android users will need when equipping their homes with the latest tech.

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