Google Docs keeps you in the loop with email notifications for edits

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What you need to know

  • Google Docs' new update provides email notifications for document edits.
  • The emails will contain color-coded highlights for the changes made, who made them, and when they were made.
  • Users will have to turn on this new function manually for each document they choose.
  • The feature will begin its rollout on July 19th for those under "rapid release," while those under "scheduled release" will see it begin rolling out on August 17th.

Edits are an essential process of writing. Google aims to keep work done to a document convenient with new email notifications.

Google's latest update for Docs sees it gaining the ability for users to turn on email notifications for edits. According to Google, the edit emails will show you "what changes were made, when the changes were made, and who made them." The notification preferences can be changed in Gmail or Google Docs' notification bell icon. Users could instead hop into Tools > Notification settings (bell icon) to alter the email preferences there for Google Docs.

An email displaying Google Docs' new emailed edit notifications.

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Google Docs brings text formatting and editing tools that users can put to good use. Google knows that "staying on top of relevant changes and comments across multiple documents can be difficult." The feature aims to provide you with a good look at everything, with information clearly highlighted and color coordinated.

While users will have to turn on notifications for each document manually, Google has implemented a way for you to fine-tune what comes to you, as not everything needs to grab your attention. Google has included a way for you to decide what should alert you through the "notification setting" drop-down menu.

Google has a two-pronged approach to rolling out this new update. Organizations utilizing Docs through Workspace under "rapid release" will see the feature widespread in 15 days as it rolls out from July 19th. Others who are under "scheduled release" will see it rolling out slowly beginning on August 17th.

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