A helpful AI feature could soon make its way to your Chrome browser

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What you need to know

  • Google is supposedly working on implementing its generative AI tool "Help me write" in Chrome for desktop.
  • The AI will work based on a page's content rather than a specific prompt like its behavior in Gmail or Docs.
  • Users may have a limited selection of options such as controlling the AI's tone with the ability to have it "shorten" or expand on what it's written.

It looks like Google Chrome is preparing to receive some more AI-based tools — at least on desktop.

Evidence of the AI "Help me write" feature in Chrome for desktop was discovered by 9to5Google. According to the deep dive, the feature will appear within Chrome's autofill pop-up whenever a user is typing anywhere online. The AI will function a little differently as it will supposedly rely more on the page's content rather than a user's given prompt.

Internally, Google refers to "Help me write" as "Compose" and "CCO," but it's virtually all the same. Furthermore, users can "Get contextual writing suggestions for reviews, posts, and more" while also asking the AI to "write a 5-star review for this restaurant."

User safety measures seem to continue as Google will inform users that their data may be read and processed by a "human reviewer" to better develop the AI. This is nothing new, as Google has continuously advised users against giving Bard or other forms of Gen AI sensitive/personal information.

In terms of customization, the desktop browser will supposedly allow users to alter the behavior of the AI. Its writing style can be changed into a more "formal" or "casual" passage with the additional choice of asking it to "elaborate" or "shorten" what it produced.

Moreover, 9to5's findings seem to show that while these are useful options, Chrome will essentially have less to offer when compared to the AI tools introduced in Gmail. However, for now, it seems the feature will be tucked behind two flags and isn't expected to arrive until sometime in 2024.

Duet AI for Workspace at Google IO 2023

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The company unveiled its "Help me write" generative AI tool for Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet, and Chat back in March. As it initially entered Gmail and Docs, users were met with a tool that could draft or reply to emails while offering AI-backed proofreading and brainstorming skills.

The tool can generate content in Slides based on a user's stored emails and documents, as well.

Google has been working on bringing more AI software into its Chrome browser as a new tab organization method was recently spotted. Animations found within the browser's code showcase its generative AI influence alongside a few new settings regarding AI in the coming "Advanced" page for creating wallpapers and more.

What's more, Google teased some Gen AI capabilities to its new Chromebook Plus laptop branding back in October, with "Help me write" brought in through a no-cost trial of Duet AI. The initiative was designed to give consumers an array of easier choices when it comes to searching for a new laptop with features that aren't available elsewhere.

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