Google Assistant now has two new speaking styles

Google Assitant gets new voices
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What you need to know

  • Google Assistant gets two new speaking styles dubbed Lime and Indigo.
  • Google says it hopes to add new diversity to its voice options.
  • Applying a new Google Assistant voice can be done from the Assistant menu or by telling Google Assistant to change its voice.

An update to Google Assistant includes a couple of new voices that users can select from.

Per Google's announcement this week, the company says it is bringing two new voice styles to the U.S. English voices, dubbed Lime and Indigo, which ought to bring more variety to current styles. You can head over to the blog post to listen to the voices, or you can head over to your Google Assistant settings to try them out and potentially set one as your Assistant's new voice style.

Of, if you don't wanna dig around to find the Assistant settings, you can more easily find the new voices by telling the Assistant, "Hey Google, change your voice."

Google Assitant gets new voices

(Image credit: Google)

Google Assistant is available in 29 languages, and Google has long offered different voices for Assistant. However, unlike some other services, the company does not update or add new ones very often, and the selection is fairly limited. With the two new options, Google gives users 12 English-speaking voices to choose from.

With the new voices, the company says it hopes to add some diversity to its selection, which some users should appreciate.

Keep in mind that when changing your Google Assistant voice, it will change not just for your smartphone but it will also reflect on your Assistant-enabled speakers and smart displays, such as the Nest Audio and Nest Hub (2nd Gen).

The update appears to be a server-side one, but it should already start appearing for users. Some Android Central staff have already noticed the new options in their Assistant settings.

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