Google rolling out a fix for recent Pixel battery drain issue

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Update (May 15, 8:20 pm ET): Google explains app issue causing battery drain, issues fix.

What you need to know

  • Users have reported overheating problems on the Pixel 6 Pro, 7 Pro, and others.
  • The issue seems to stem from the most recent Google app update and reports also include Android Intelligence Systems causing problems, as well.
  • The apps have been rapidly draining Pixel batteries while sitting idle and possible solutions have met a mixed response.

A couple of past-gen Pixel devices have started feeling under the weather recently, possibly due to a new update. A reader wrote into Engadget about their Pixel 6 Pro running much hotter than usual and its battery draining exceptionally quickly even though they haven't touched it. The frustrating problem seems to stem from the Google app, which started pushing out an update for Android devices on or around May 12.

The reader's provided screenshot displayed the Google app active in the background of their 6 Pro for an hour and had used 14% of their battery by simply sitting there. They went on to say in a statement, "I haven't touched my phone in the past hour. It's just been on a standard wireless charger."

The reader then found some solace in rolling back the most recent update of the Google app, so their battery could breathe again.

A reader's proof of the Google app rapidly draining their Pixel 6 Pro's battery.

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Taking a bit of a deeper dive into things, a Redditor posted more of the same, to which many others responded with similar experiences. The Redditor wrote about their own Pixel 6 Pro and another's Pixel 6, which have seen both overheat and experience rapidly draining batteries despite not doing anything on the devices. The devices were seen dropping 20% in battery life while simply sitting idle.

In conjunction with the Google app seemingly becoming the main problem, the Redditor noted Android System Intelligence causing their phone to heat up and drain the battery, as well. After a few updates to the original post, the Redditor rolled back the Google app version to a previous one but has seen no relief. They have also been forced to force-stop Android Intelligence Systems just so their phone can charge on a wireless charger. However, their phone was still running quite hot.

The reports have continued over on the Google Pixel Community Forums, where the tune sounds the same. A few users seem to attribute the overheating problems of their Pixels to the May 2023 security update alongside the aforementioned apps. Additionally, the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel 7 have been reported with the same overheating and battery drain problems.

Overheating phone and high power use from r/GooglePixel

Relief is stagnant at this point (Google Support hasn't been much help either), with some users finding a solution through uninstalling the Google app entirely to simply rolling back its most recent update. If you have yet to install the most recent update for the Google app, it may be best to hold off until everything is sorted.

Google's Pixel 6 Pro has gone through quite an unfortunate cycle of problems since its launch in 2021. A few notable problems included the device automatically rejecting calls, its frustratingly unresponsive fingerprint scanner, and even some unsightly display issues. Most of the problems have since been solved, but every so often, another issue crops up that must be dealt with.

Android Central has reached out to Google about the battery drain and overheating problems that Pixel owners are facing but did not immediately receive a response in time for publication.


A Google spokesperson has provided Android Central with a statement explaining a problem with the Google app that caused battery drain issues for some Pixel owners. According to the spokesperson, a fix has been rolled out, and users do not have to update the app:

"A recent Google App backend change unintentionally resulted in a subset of Android devices experiencing accelerated battery drain. We rolled out a fix shortly after becoming aware of the issue, and impacted users should see their devices return to normal behavior immediately. This fix does not require an app update."

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