Google's new Account Sign-in is here and embodies all of Material You

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What you need to know

  • Google is starting to roll out its new Account sign-in page for users on the web and mobile devices.
  • The redesign sees Google injecting Material You's design language into the sign-in page as it boasts rounded corners and pill-shaped buttons.
  • Google states the rollout begins on February 21 and should wrap up by March 4.
  • Redesigning apps with the Material You design language has been a recurring trend for Google, as it did so with the Password Manager app and Weather.

Google is starting its rollout process for its redesigned Account Sign-in page this week. According to a Workspace post, this redesign sees Google injecting its Material You design language into users' Account Sign-in interface for Gmail and more (via 9to5Google). The company adds users on mobile, and the web will notice the change beginning to take effect today.

The redesign sees the old, vertically positioned sign-in field flipped onto its side. Google's multicolored "G" logo is off on the left with "Sign In" and "Use your Google account" nestled right beneath it.

The right side is where users can find the text box for entering their email or phone number. Accompanying that are buttons if you've forgotten your credentials, guest mode, create an account, and the "next" button.

Material You is definitely in full effect as the entire sign-in interface is contained within a rounded corner box. Even the "next" button is pill-shaped, which Google has continued through its entire ecosystem of applications on the web and mobile.

As 9to5 notes, it's likely users signing in on the web will see this horizontal sign-in interface while those on mobile will see it positioned vertically.

Google has redesigned its Account sign-in interface to look more modern and in line with its Material You design.

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Google states this redesign is on its way for Workspace customers and those with personal accounts. The rollout begins today (Feb. 21), and the process is expected to take at least 15 days to complete. All users should notice this new Account sign-in by March 4 at the latest.

Unfortunately, following Google's teasers, it hasn't given Passkeys more of a presence on its Account sign-in page. The company shifted to making Passkeys the default method for accounts as they're said to be faster and safer for user security.

Elsewhere, Google has been rolling out redesigns for more apps and services under its umbrella, such as its Weather UI. The changes arrived last September, bringing Weather in line with the main Google app's Material You design language with a three-tab view. Similarly, the company made the same strides for its Password Manager app in November.

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