Gmail's upcoming subscription manager will help alleviate your congested inbox

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What you need to know

  • Google is working on a "Manage Subscriptions" page for the Gmail app, which will help users reduce excessive emails.
  • The page will let users find which companies are sending far too many emails "per quarter" alongside a convenient unsubscribe button.
  • Google started rolling out an unsubscribe button beside a sender's name in Gmail back in January.

It looks like Google is developing a new manager for Gmail users to help cut down on subscriptions that are clogging their inboxes.

As spotted by PunikaWeb, Google plans to implement a new "Manage Subscriptions" section for the Gmail app (via 9to5Google). Discovered in the latest version of Gmail (v2024.04.07.62), the new management option is now appearing in the sidebar, accessible via the hamburger menu icon.

Diving into the code reveals how this will work. Tapping the option will take users to a dedicated "Subscriptions" page.

Several newly added strings of code state that users will find a "button to unsubscribe from the mailing list." Other strings are speculated to be filters as they show a specific number of "subscribed" emails a user has received "per quarter." The number of emails varies from 10 to a maximum of 20.

If a company falls within one of these parameters, the publication states users should see that company's logo alongside a button to let them easily unsubscribe from those emails.

Additionally, a few users on Reddit have seen alerts in the Gmail app informing them about the new subscriptions page. The alert says the new page lets users "see all your mailing lists and unsubscribe from unwanted messages."

The problem is that the feature isn't actually there. Users are unable to find it in the sidebar, and tapping on "try now" puts the app in a loading loop.

Interestingly, this "management" page seems like an expansion of Google's previous update for subscriptions in Gmail. In January, the company rolled out an option for Gmail that placed a convenient "unsubscribe" button beside the sender's name when reading an email. Tapping it will then send users into the unsubscription process for that company, per usual.

This was a way to make dropping unwanted subscriptions easier and more comfortable, as the option was previously hidden inside a three-dot menu.

Aside from mailing lists, the Gmail app was recently spotted testing a new "summarize this email" feature. This is a part of Gemini's capabilities and would let users consume the important points of a lengthy email without reading it.

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