Gemini could pick up a YouTube Music extension for mood-based song suggestions

Google Gemini on Android at MWC 2024
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What you need to know

  • A discovery in the main Google app shows the company's plans to bring a YouTube Music extension to Gemini.
  • The extension may let users ask the bot to find songs based on their mood, playlists, history, and more.
  • A previous leak in the Gemini for Android app showed Google is bringing a "Music" option to let users choose which services it draws its information from.

A discovery in the main Google app suggests that its Gemini chatbot is preparing to integrate YouTube Music into the app.

According to information from AssembleDebug, Android Authority states version of the main Google app teases a YouTube Music extension. The early preview shows Google's description of the add-on, which reads, "play, search, and discover your favorite songs, artists, playlists, and more."

When communicating with Gemini in the Google app, the tipster found that users can ask the bot to play songs or radio based on their mood. When stating you're in an "upbeat and energetic mood," it seems Gemini will respond with three suggestions.

It's worth noting that this early preview responded with music compilations and not individual titles.

Moreover, Gemini may offer a link to a YouTube Music radio station that fits your criteria if desired. Tapping on any of the links is said to launch the YouTube Music app with your chosen piece of content readily available to play.

A supposed early look at Gemini's upcoming YouTube Music extension.

(Image credit: Android Authority)

When installed, a permissions screen was discovered, detailing that YouTube Music's extension will pull data from your playlists, history, and preferences. It also advises users that some of their information will be shared with the streaming platform to "improve its services and personalize" their experience.

Within the code, the YouTube Music extension for Gemini will continue to work without the music platform's app installed. The tipster noticed that tapping on a link will open YouTube Music's web variant if the app isn't installed on a device.

It's unclear when Google plans to debut its music extension in Gemini. However, considering how far it has progressed, it could arrive sooner rather than later.

Before Google swapped Bard for Gemini, the company unveiled a slew of extensions for the AI chatbot last September. These add-ons supercharged the bot, allowing it to draw real-time information from a user's connected apps, such as Maps, YouTube, Hotels, and Flights.

A previous Gemini leak showed that users could soon gain the option to decide which music streaming service they prefer the bot to pull data from. This will likely be done through the "Music" option in Gemini's settings once it arrives. Users can likely use this as an alternative as there's a chance that Spotify will appear there for quick AI assistance.

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