Emoji Kitchen makes its way to Google Search on the web

Emoji Kitchen on web
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What you need to know

  • Google brings its Emoji Kitchen tool to its Search on the web.
  • Users can search "emoji kitchen" to access the mashup tool.
  • It also works on mobile browsers, allowing iOS users to access the emoticons.

Google has featured Emoji Kitchen on Gboard for a while, a fun feature that lets you combine two emojis into one to form a shareable emoji sticker. It's a popular tool for Android users and fans of Gboard on mobile devices, and now it's finally expanding to the web and Google Search.

It was announced by Jennifer Daniel, designer at Google on X, indicating the tool finally exists on the web, and accessing it is quite as simple as posing a query to Google Search. Users can type "emoji kitchen" on Google Search on the web, which further gives you a host of emojis with a "Get cooking" button.

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Clicking the respective button opens up the emoji's list with a window where you can collaborate with two emojis; adding them gives a fun new emoji. For example, a 100-point emoji paired with another 100-point emoji provides a result showcasing a 10,000-point emoji. While it is just a sample, users can play around with many options and combinations.

While users will be able to choose any set of emojis through the tool to create a mashup, there is also an option to randomize numerous emojis to create one fun emoji. The tool also allows you to copy the resulting tool to a clipboard on your desktop to insert in any supported messaging app like Slack or WhatsApp. 

Additionally, iOS users would also be able to use the Emoji Kitchen via their browser apps (including Safari) or via the Google Search app, letting them copy the resulting emoji and paste it into supported apps to share.

Meanwhile, the Emoji Kitchen has been around on Android devices for quite some time. It is a native feature on Gboard, and users interested in using it would have to make the "Gboard" keyboard their primary keyboard on their devices. It is easily accessible and fun to use and can be crucial to keep your conversations going on supported messaging apps.

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