Elon Musk to introduce gold, grey verified ticks on Twitter

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What you need to know

  • Elon Musk states that Twitter's new verification system will launch tentatively next Friday.
  • This new version will introduce gold check marks for companies, grey marks for government officials, and a blue check for individuals (Twitter Blue subscribers).
  • Detailed information will most likely come out a bit closer to its reveal.

Elon Musk appears to be moving forward with Twitter Blue soon but it does come with a change in its verified tick representation.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted in a thread discussing meaningful changes to come for his recently acquired social media platform. In this thread, Musk revealed that Twitter would be launching the verified portion of Twitter Blue tentatively at the end of the next week. This test launch of the feature is seemingly coming with some changes to better represent individuals based on their social status.

Elon states that companies would receive a gold check mark while government officials would rock a grey one. Those that have purchased Twitter Blue will maintain the classic blue mark. He then goes on to inform everyone of an extra step that requires individuals to manually authenticate themselves before becoming fully verified.

Twitter's CEO was then pressed for more clarity on the situation for individuals who have paid Blue's $8 subscription or verified as a government official. Musk explains that while every individual will retain the classic blue marking, setting a boundary for what is "notable" is simply too "subjective" to implement.

However, an individual will have the option of displaying a logo beneath their verification to inform others if they belong to an organization. For this to happen, the organization they are trying to represent must also claim them.

It looks like we're beginning to see the full picture come into focus after Twitter put a pause on its Blue subscription service as it looked to address certain impersonation issues. Around that same time, Twitter rolled out a grey "Official" tag beneath the name's of government officials and media outlets as a way to make them stand out on the platform.

Musk does state that there will be more information on this new version of Twitter's verification system next week, which will likely be around the time of its launch.

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