Deezer update lets you translate song lyrics on the fly

Deezer Lyrics Translation
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What you need to know

  • Deezer began integrating real-time lyrics in 2014.
  • The app is now expanding its live lyrics feature with in-app translations.
  • Deezer can translate 10,000 tracks from English to Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.
  • The feature is available on iOS, Android, the desktop app, and the web client.

Deezer may not be the first app to come to mind when it comes to the best music streaming services, but the app has a lot going for it. In the latest update, Deezer is making songs much more accessible with a new Lyrics Translation feature.

Deezer has had real-time lyrics since 2014, long before Spotify added live lyrics late last year. Now, with Lyrics Translation, Deezer is staying ahead of the curve, translating more than 10,000 popular tracks from English to Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese.

Not only will this help users better understand some of their favorite tracks, but it can also help listeners improve their English.

"Music fans have always been able to immerse themselves in the thoughts and feelings of the artist with our widely popular lyrics function," says Alexandra Leloup, vice president of Product - Core Products at Deezer. "But with our new 'Lyrics Translation' feature, they can now discover the artist's true meaning behind their favorite tunes, and even sharpen their language skills, or totally learn a new language in the process."

To use the new Lyrics Translation feature, tap the microphone icon when you start a song to access real-time lyrics. At the bottom of the display, tap "With Translations," and the app will display translated lyrics as the song plays. For the feature to work, users must have their phone language set to one of the supported languages to view the translations.

Deezer says it plans to add more languages in the future, including the ability to translate songs from other languages into English. You can try the feature now on iOS devices, the best Android phones, the web client, and the desktop app.

Deezer $9.99/mo.

Deezer $9.99/mo.

Deezer is a great music streaming app with access to more than 90 million songs, podcasts, and personal mixes and playlists. Now, Deezer is even better with the new Lyrics Translation feature, giving new meaning to your favorite tracks.

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