Android TV adds new shortcuts to things already accessible on the homescreen

YouTube and Netflix apps on Android TV screen
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What you need to know

  • Google is introducing a new "Quick Access" row on the Android TV homescreen for users in the United States.
  • The row, located below the Favorite Apps section, includes shortcuts to various areas of the home screen.
  • Users can find options like free live channels, top-selling movies, popular TV shows, and a "Trending On Google" link.

Google is rolling out a fresh "Quick Access" row on the Android TV homescreen.

The search giant announced on the Android TV help page that the brand-new shortcuts row is making its way to users in the United States. It's right below the Favorite Apps row and comes packed with shortcuts to different spots on the home screen.

The new row kicks off with the Play Next shortcut, showing stuff you recently checked out in different apps. But if you're feeling like a change, just click on other options for free live channels, best-selling movies, or hit TV shows. Plus, there's a new Trending On Google link right there too.

Google says it might take a couple of weeks for everyone to get in on the action.

Android TV homescreen with a new quick access row for your favorites

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While this is the first major feature bomb on Android TV in a while, there's some redundant action happening, as pointed out by Android Police. For instance, Play Next likely leads you to the home screen feature with the same name, while Top Selling Movies and Popular Movies & Shows probably take you to sections in the new Shop tab.

The Free Live TV button seems a bit extra, considering it presumably opens the Live tab, especially since this feature just got another shortcut in the apps row.

Even though most streaming boxes and smart TVs powered by Android are increasingly rocking Google TV, Android TV is still holding its own.

Nonetheless, Google has been mixing things up between its TV interfaces, as evidenced by the strong resemblance of the Nvidia Shield TV's home screen to that of the Chromecast with Google TV. This latest update is just another step in that direction.

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