The first Android 15 beta for Pixels brings better app archiving and TalkBack support

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What you need to know

  • Google has released the first beta for Android 15 that eligible Pixel device owners and developers can get in on.
  • Android 15's first beta helps with app experience on larger displays, app archiving updates, and more for those with braille displays.
  • The first beta marks Google's beta milestone for Android 15, and the company states it still plans to move into "platform stability" by June.

Google released the first beta of Android 15 today (Apr. 11), and with it come a few important features enrolled testers should know about.

According to Google, the first Android 15 beta is arriving for the Pixel 5a up to the latest Pixel 8 series devices. This also includes the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet. Android 15's first beta brings more awareness to how larger displays (foldable/tablets) experience apps. Google states it has enabled the software's edge-to-edge capabilities for apps by default.

This update primarily benefits developers as they no longer need to tell the app to enable such capabilities explicitly. Furthermore, those creating apps will find Google's Material 3 composables available for extra assistance.

Google has enabled edge-to-edge display capabilities for apps in Android 15 by default.

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Android 15 is picking up additional support for app archiving. Google states the software's first beta displays OS-level support for archiving and unarchiving unused apps to benefit "all app stores." The OS will remove the chunkier API and cached files but leave behind a user's data.

Due to this, Google says users will see the app remain in their device's launcher alongside an icon highlighting its "archived" state.

The company continues its push for better security with Android 15, introducing "Key management" for E2EE (end-to-end encryption). The beta will offer such management at an OS level for the API for contact keys. In turn, this will let users easily manage and verify another user's contact information.

More inclusivity is inbound for Android 15 as the initial beta opens its testing doors on TalkBack's support for braille displays. The software is only compatible with braille displays using the HID standard over USB and secure Bluetooth.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google states it plans to reach "platform stability" for its next major OS release by June. The company is right on schedule with its desired Android 15 development timeline. Users should expect betas in April and May before we eventually move into its stability phase. Those enrolled in the beta are encouraged to provide feedback as the process continues.

The company's second developer preview of Android 15 landed near the end of March and was all about Google's upcoming satellite connectivity. The company is preparing to introduce satellite capabilities for users' SMS/MMS and RCS chats when they're without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Additionally, Google stated that it will continue to tighten the reigns on user security to bolster its capabilities in Android 15.

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