Android 15 might boost app readability as a 'color contrast' menu is spotted

Android 15 logo on Pixel 8
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What you need to know

  • A dive into Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1 shows Google is working on a new "color contrast" settings page to boost app readability.
  • The page, tucked inside the beta's code, would let users alter the contrast level of "text, buttons, and icons."
  • Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1 rolled out yesterday (Apr. 1) and included many bug fixes and solutions for system glitches.

A dive into Android 14's latest beta seems to show signs of a new settings page that could help boost the readability of apps.

As spotted by Mishaal Rahman at Android Headlines, Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1 contains a hidden "color contrast" page that lets users alter how text appears on their displays. Google's description reads, "higher contrast makes text, buttons, and icons stand out more." The page under development gave Rahman a quick preview of how his changes would affect an app.

It looks like users will be given three options to change: default, medium, and high. Leaving the contrast at "default" lets the Android system express your Material You theme in paler colors as it currently does. However, pushing things to "medium" or even "high" shows how deep and rich the colors become.

This page includes a second toggleable option that lets users "maximize text contrast." Google states that this button will "add a black or white background around text to increase contrast."

It's worth noting that Android supports these changes across its UI in light and dark modes. The settings page warns that users may find that not all apps support "all color and text contrast settings."

Rahman states this new color contrast page could be the final product of an older "contrast levels" slider seen during Android 14 Developer Preview 2 in 2023.

Those diving into the code of Android 14's latest beta will be able to surface the new settings, but it remains hidden for the average tester. Rahman states that once it officially rolls out, users will find it under Settings > Accessibility > Color and Motion. Speculation suggests this should happen during the arrival of Android 15 later this year.

Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1 started rolling out to enrolled Pixel testers yesterday (Apr. 1), which included a slew of bug fixes. Many of the bugs Google aimed to squash involved launcher issues, charging and freezing problems, and other system glitches.

Google revealed its second developer preview of Android 15 back in March, and with it came a few hints about what's in store, like satellite connectivity. Most recently, it was discovered that Android 15 will likely hold a long-awaited redesign for its volume panel. The new design shows a menu that would spring up from the bottom of your display, bearing large pill-shaped sliders for altering your audio.

While we await Android 15, April was previously stated to hold the start of its open beta as we approach its full release later this year.

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