Android 13 beta continues for Pixels, but you can bow out now without wiping your data

Android Beta warning notification on a Google Pixel 6 pro
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is beginning its Android 13 beta program again in September along with testing for Quarterly Feature Releases.
  • Users will have to unenroll themselves out of the program if they are uninterested before the September QPR testing to avoid a device data wipe.
  • The beta program is set to end June 2023 with a public QPR release and Pixel feature release.

Google is already announcing more Android 13 betas are to come next month with Quarterly Feature Releases alongside the testing program.

Android 13 was just released on August 15, and Google isn't taking any time off to beta test its recent OS update. According to the Android_Beta Reddit, Google is looking to begin its Android 13 beta program again in September. Along with the swift resurgence of the Android Beta Program, Google will also have testers experiment with its Quarterly Feature Releases. Google concluded Android 12 QPR beta testing back in June.

There could be a potential problem for those who were beta testing Android 13 before its latest full stable release. If you were a part of the testing, you are still enrolled in the Android Beta Program. Those who do not unenroll themselves from the beta program will be roped into the upcoming tests beginning in September. However, unenrolling during the testing will result in a device data wipe, giving users a small window to avoid completely wiping their phones.

That said, those that update to the stable Android 13 release will be able to unenroll from the beta program without having to worry about wiping their phones.

Even though we're still a couple of weeks(ish) away from the start of the next Android 13 beta phase, Google is already giving some information on its longevity. The company states the Android 13 beta program will last until June 2023 with a "public release of the Android June QPR and Pixel Feature Drop," with the first stable release likely dropping in December following beta testing.

While users are still trying to get their hands on and enjoy Android 13, Google has started posting warnings about updating if you're using one of its latest Android phones. Those with a Pixel 6 series device won't be able to roll back that update and revert to Android 12, unlike its older Pixel phones.

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