One UI 6.1 includes a new Samsung Find app for locating lost items

Finding a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in the Samsung SmartThings app.
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What you need to know

  • Samsung is debuting a new app called Samsung Find, which will be used to locate items, devices, and people.
  • The app will be pre-installed on new devices shipping with One UI 6.1, including Samsung's new Galaxy S24 series.
  • Devices manually updated to One UI 6.1 must have the Samsung Find app installed via the Galaxy Store. 

Samsung's One UI 6 operating system has been out for a while, and it's based off of Google's Android 14. But the OS version that is shipping with the company's newest smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, is One UI 6.1. That, plus the fact that One UI 6.1 includes a bunch of new features, is why many are calling the latest update the "real" One UI 6. 

There's no better evidence to support that claim than Samsung adding a new app to One UI 6.1, which Android expert Mishaal Rahman found. It's called Samsung Find, and the app serves as a central location for finding people, items, and devices. Rahman posted screenshots of the app on X, which provided insight on the Samsung Find app (via 9to5Google). 

Before the Samsung Find app existed, the way to locate lost items was through the Samsung SmartThings app. Within the SmartThings app, a feature allows users to find things that were equipped with Samsung SmartTags. This tool appears to be working, but a simpler way might be using the new Samsung Find app. 

The Find app is like Samsung's version of Apple's Find My app, especially in terms of functionality. Samsung Find includes a map with separate tabs for people, devices, and items. The people tab can show the locations of friends and family, while the devices tab will provide the locations of things like wireless earbuds. The items tab works like SmartThings Find, showing all the SmartTags connected to your Samsung account.

A notable omission from the Find app is a "notify when left behind" feature. This tool, albeit not perfect, tries to warn you if you leave a location without something. For now, this feature is not included in Samsung Find, but Rahman says it is coming in a future update. It can be used via the Samsung SmartThings app through the Find function in the meantime. 

The Samsung Find app comes pre-installed on devices shipping with One UI 6.1, including the Galaxy S24 series. Other devices that are manually updating to One UI 6.1 can use Samsung Find but will need to download the app from the Galaxy Store. The app will be available everywhere except China, according to Rahman. 

Samsung Find is yet another piece of software debuting with the Galaxy S24 lineup but eventually reaching older devices. Last week, Samsung confirmed that Single Take mode would be coming to certain existing One UI 6.1 phones.

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