Amazon might charge users up to $10 fee for its 'Remarkable Alexa'

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What you need to know

  • A new report from alleged sources close to the matter states Amazon is looking to charge anywhere from $5 to $10 for its "Remarkable Alexa" (Alexa Plus).
  • Amazon intends for the AI to help users with shopping queries while a stronger variant is being developed for "complicated queries."
  • The report adds that Amazon has faced severe problems with its next-gen AI, such as fabricated information, alongside "poor employee morale."

A few more details about Amazon's proposed future for its AI assistant, Alexa, and how it will impact consumers have surfaced.

The report comes from Reuters, which cites several people close to the project known internally as "Banyan." According to its sources, Amazon is thinking of including "two tiers of service" for this new Alexa. Its sources claim this could involve a $5 monthly charge or a $10 fee for this "Remarkable Alexa."

Reuters adds that Amazon is facing a "must-win" scenario. The company is reportedly moving toward infusing Alexa with even stronger AI brains to empower users when they visit the website. The publication's sources stated that working Alexa deeper into Amazon is to help customers with "shopping advice" and other purchase-related queries.

However, this won't come without cost, and it seems Amazon is considering two different price points. The company is allegedly considering replacing "Classic Alexa" (its free variant) with a stronger AI version alongside another that leverages AI software for "complicated" tasks. The paid variant of Alexa is rumored to feature email composure, ordering from UberEats, and more from a "single prompt."

Moreover, it seems that Amazon isn't considering some sort of AI "bundle" with its higher-priced Prime membership plan.

It seems that Amazon is feeling pressured due to advances made by Google with Gemini and its many models, as well as Microsoft's Copilot, and OpenAI's ChatGPT. The report adds that the unnamed sources who've come forward are hesitant about Amazon's decision to begin charging for a "revamped" version of Alexa's free services.

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There are also rumors that Amazon's development of this new "Remarkable Alexa" has been hindered by AI hallucinations. The AI has supposedly fabricated information, which was often "false or misleading." Moreover, the company has had to wrangle with "poor employee morale."

Murmurings about "Remarkable Alexa" or "Alexa Plus" have been tumbling about since January. Those early reports stated that Amazon had around 15,000 users putting the new AI assistant through the wringer to iron out those problems. Again, rumors of severe development problems and delays were a recurring theme throughout that previous post.

The company is reportedly interested in launching Alexa Plus on June 30.

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