Apple Music is now an option for Shazam on Android

(Image credit: Android Police)

What you need to know

  • Apple Music is now an option inside Shazam for Android.
  • It means that Android users will be able to open songs they find through Shazam in Apple Music.
  • To connect your Shazam to Apple Music, you'll need an active subscription.

Android users can now select Apple Music as an option within Shazam when they find a song using the service.

As reported by Android Police, up until now Shazam on Android was only able to connect to the Spotify app, allowing users to open up identified songs in the service and even add them to their playlists. Given that Shazam is owned by... you know... Apple, the option to use Apple Music inside the app was a fairly glaring omission on the Android platform. Two years later, it's finally here.

Now Apple Music is available as an option for streaming too, currently as a beta. To enable it, simply tap on the settings cog on the Library page of Shazam and hit 'Connect' where it says Apple Music. You'll need Apple Music installed on your Android device before you do this, and you'll also need an active Apple Music subscription (or an active free trial).

The Apple Music integration does not currently support adding songs you find directly to your Apple Music playlists, however, it will fully support opening and streaming songs you find using the service.

Spotify is of course also still an option, and there is likely no danger that this will cease to be the case moving forward.

The new feature is rolling out in Shazam version 10.19.0-200221 and is available free from the Google Play Store now!

A recent update to Shazam also added a new Search button to the home screen, which means that you can now search for songs artist or title.

Stephen Warwick