AppBrain update allows sending of links, wallpapers to your phone

AppBrain has just updated its website and Android app to allow users to send text, URLs, and even wallpapers right to their phone from their browser of choice. Sending text or URLs copies it to your clipboard, so you just need to long-press somewhere to paste the text. As for wallpapers, you can enter in the URL location of the image or upload one yourself and it will be automatically sent to your phone and set as the background. The image I tested this on was quite large, but the process went so fast that it was already on my phone by the time my hand could go from my mouse to the wake button on my DInc. Impressive, to say the least.

These features should make a great replacement for Chrome to Phone for anyone not on Froyo, so go check it out now. Links to the app are after the break, and anyone with an account can goto their "My Apps" page to see the new features in the toolbar along the right side. [AppBrain]

 Downloads away:

Kyle Gibb