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What is Ingress? Perhaps the better question is how have you not seen it? Ingress is all around you, not so much being "played" as it is being "lived" day in and day out by millions of people. Chances are you know some of them, and chances are you've seen it in action. Felt it, even.

Ingress at its most basic is an alternate reality game (aka AR) that pits two factions gainst each other for control of Mind Units the world over. You're either among the Enlightened, or you're part of the Resistance. Portals are the key to the entire game, disguised as everyday objects all over the world. Portals can be linked together until a field is established, thus capturing the Mind Units within.

It's not that easy, though. It's a constant back-and-forth struggle between the two factions. What was once blue is now green.

Ingress really is a way of life, however. You'll find yourself places you never expected to be, among people you might have otherwise never met.


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Niantic announces huge Ingress update for 2018

Ingress Prime is a modernized version of Niantic's first AR game. Like Angry Birds, Pokémon Go is one of those mobile games that just about everyone and their mother has played at one point or another. Being able to go out and capture virtual Pokémon in the real world is something that struck a...
Asus ZenFone Max Ingress

ASUS ZenFone Max — The Ingress Battery Life Challenge

It's relatively easy to make a specs sheet look impressive, but the battery in the ZenFone Max is serious business. Great battery life is a claim you hear from every smartphone manufacturer, and while that claim is largely subjective, it does mean we can have some fun when a phone shows up with...
Niantic Labs is being spun off from Google as an independent company

Niantic Labs is being spun off from Google as an independent company

Niantic Labs, the division of Google responsible for running popular augmented reality game Ingress, has announced to users that it is becoming an independent company — presumably as a result of Google's recent moves with Alphabet. From Niantic Labs: Niantic Labs is becoming an independent...
Ingress brings portal hacking to your wrist with Android Wear support

Ingress brings portal hacking to your wrist with Android Wear support

Ingress, the popular augmented reality game from Google's Niantic Labs, has scored an update, bringing along Android Wear support so you can hack portals right from your wrist like a true agent. If you're unfamiliar with Ingress, it's an interesting augmented reality game that puts you in the...

AXA Insurance and Niantic Labs partnered to show how powerful advertising can be in augmented reality

Google's Niantic Labs, the developers behind the wildly popular Ingress augmented reality game, partnered with AXA Insurance to prove just how powerful advertising can be in a virtual world. The two companies worked together, adding real world AXA retail agencies into Ingress' in-game portals,...
Pac-Man Google Maps

Pac-Man chomps its way to Google Maps and Ingress for some retro-style fun

Google is usually good for some April Fools jokes, this time putting Pac-Man on the streets of Google Maps and into their alternate-reality game, Ingress. Pac-Man can be played right now on Google Maps, utilizing the streets of the map as the course. Users can play on streets of their own town...
ingress on Android

Google wants to reward you with medals for bringing new players to Ingress

Ingress, the GPS-based adventure game from Google's Niantic Labs, wants its current players to encourage their family and friends to join in. It will do so with a new Recruiter Medal that will reward the "agents" of Ingress for their efforts in this area. Google says Ingress players can access...
All your portal are belong to us.

Ingress turns 2, announces user milestones

Ingress, the experimental GPS-based game from Google's Niantic Labs that has spawned book series, support sites, and massive multi-city and even international events, is turning two years old. Time flies in an open beta, huh? Anyway, the good folks at Niantic have some impressive numbers to show...
Ingress celebrates two year birthday with new monthly event "First Saturdays"

Ingress celebrates two year birthday with new monthly event 'First Saturdays'

Real-world adventure game Ingress will be celebrating its second birthday this year, and it's doing so in style. Google's Niantic Labs, which runs the game, will be kicking off the celebration with a new monthly event series called "First Saturdays" which will serve to bring new Ingress "agents"...

Ingress Edition MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphones due in November for $149.99

Sennheiser has announced that the two special Ingress Editions of its MOMENTUM On-Ear Headphones will be released in late November for $149.99 as a tie in to Google's Ingress game. Sennheiser says: "The special editions, which will be available in Germany, UK, France, Belgium, the...

Ingress Missions let you create your own real-world treasure hunts

Ingress users will soon get an awesome update, adding in new Ingress Missions. With the new update, players will be able to create their own missions (scavenger hunts) that include a start point, waypoints, and an end point. Missions will start at existing Ingess portals, but can include...

Google drops new video explaining how Ingress works

Google's global augmented reality game Ingress has a new video to help you better understand it. Ingress is GPS-based game that's all about urban exploration as you fight for control of 'portals'. Check out the video to learn more about this game available on Android and iOS. Anyone out...



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