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    Google News & Weather

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    • Vendor: Google LLC
    • Version: 3.3.5
    • Price: Free

    After a long time stuck in the era of Gingerbread design, Google updated its News & Weather app with modern design and put it into the Play Store for anyone to download and use. The app aggregates news from over 65,000 different sources and offers localized information in 60 different languages, along with basic weather reporting for your local area. Google News & Weather offers a homescreen widget as well.

    Though it picked up a new design, Google News & Weather is still a very basic app when compared to the deeply comprehensive offerings from third-party developers — and it even somewhat overlaps with what Google offers in Google Now. Still, it's good that this app, which comes pre-installed on Nexus and Google Play edition devices, is kept up to date and is very functional. 


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    Google News & Weather app gets a Material redesign and some spitshine

    Good news for Google News (& Weather)! This week's app update has given Google News & Weather an update that lets it better match the Google News website and better match other Google apps like Google Now and Google Home, brightening things up and cleaning the busy sections drawer a...
    Fake News

    Google's next step against fake news is rolling out to Search

    Can we make this a part of Facebook and Twitter next? Google can't stop fake news, but it will now do a better job labeling it as such when you see it. Searching for topics flooded by fake news will now have a new tag in the top results card with fact checking done by third parties. This same tag...

    Google News & Weather now gives you way more headlines, because content

    The app's new motto is "just keep scrolling." If you're already Googling your news every morning, maybe it's time to consider downloading Google's News & Weather app instead. The app received a feature bump from its maker. You can now peruse through 200 news stories at a time with More...
    Google rolls out new branding to app icons on Android and the web

    Google begins rolling out new branding across web and Android apps

    Following the announcement of its new logo, Google has started updating the logos and icons of several of its apps. On the web, several of Google's services now feature a capital sans-serif G where there was previously a lower-case serif g. Likewise, updates have started trickling out to the...
    Google News

    Google News and Weather to add support for seven more languages for a total of 35

    The built-in Google News and Weather app will soon allow for more people on the planet to read it in their native language. Google has announced that it will add support for seven more languages to the app, bringing the total number of languages to 35. Google says: "Google News already...
    Google News & Weather update brings dark theme, curated stories, new weather graphs

    Google News & Weather update brings dark theme, curated stories, new weather graphs

    There's some good news for, well, news junkies on Android today. Google has rolled out an update to its News & Weather app that brings a number of awesome new features including curated stories from your favorite publishers, a new dark theme, new weather graphs, and searchable news. The...
    Google News + Weather

    Google News & Weather app gets major overhaul

    Official Google News app hits Google Play with first significant update in years The built-in Google News and Weather app on stock Android devices hasn't been given much attention since back in the Android 2.3 days. That changes today, however, with a major update to the app now hitting the...
    Google News on a Nexus 7

    Google News website receives tablet UI facelift

    Starting today, Google will be improving the Google News webpage reading experience on 7- and 10-inch tablets. Rolling out over the next few days, the new interface provides a more intuitive navigation paradigm letting users swipe between categories and more simply select articles. There's also a...

    Google brings more fun to your weather forecast

    In addition to their making their announcement of cloud printing being available on mobile devices, Google has also been messing around with a better way to let users know what their weather forecast is looking like. Making note on the Google Mobile blog that they wanted the weather to be more fun...

    Google Optimizes Google News for Android

     If you're an avid reader of Google News, you might have noticed a mobile facelift of the news aggregator on your Android devices. That's because Google just released the new Google News for Mobile (Android, iPhone, Palm Pre) and as Google explains it:This new version provides the same richness and...
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    Google News & Weather

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