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Google Keep

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Keep is Post-It notes taken to the digital extreme and is one of the best apps Google offers. Keep allows you to quickly make and organize notes across all of your devices — and we do mean all devices. In addition to Android, Keep is available on the web, Chrome browser, and the Android version has a Android Wear companion app, which is perfect for checking off your grocery list on your wrist as you peruse the aisles.

There are four types on notes you can take: a traditional text note, a list, a photo note, and a voice note. You can convert notes to and from lists, add photos, and change their color between eight eye-popping colors at any point, and re-order the notes to your liking by simply dragging them around in the Keep app, which has the same card-based — or rather note-based layout that Google has gravitated to as of late.

This is by no means a replacement for Google Drive, but for short items, it works wonderfully. After all these are essentially sticky notes. The limit on a note in Keep seems to be about 1300 words (and yes, I have hit that limit more than once while writing), but notes can be easily moved to Drive - or almost any other productivity app - using the Share button.

The widgets for Keep are easy to use and helpful reminders with the aforementioned eye-popping note colors. You can scroll through recent notes or make new ones by tapping the icon that corresponds to your note type. I use this several times a week if not every single day. Once a note is no longer needed, you can outright delete it or you can archive it, just as you would an email.

Notes in Google Keep can also carry reminders based on time or location, so that grocery list pops up as a notification when you reach the grocery store.


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