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Another Sprint statement on Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G

Sprint's followed up on its blog after a couple of Tweets this afternoon regarding getting the Epic 4G updated to Froyo. Here goes:

Epic 4G users: We want to assure you that Froyo for the Epic 4G is still in the works. Sprint works very closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience on our wireless devices. We approve the release of software updates when a new software version provided by the manufacturer can bring a better overall customer experience on the device. It is our intention to bring these updates to our customers as quickly as possible but only after they meet our rigorous testing criteria.We can't provide any guidance on an exact or estimated release date at this time, but please know we are working to get Froyo out for the Epic as quickly as possible.

Here's to Sprint for offering a little more transparency. Anybody heard from Verizon and AT&T? [Sprint]

  • Better than Silence for a change.
  • They released a statement stating that they cannot release any information. Was hoping for something more along the lines of T-Mo's CEO - "Oops, our bad. Updates roll next week." - not an update on the continuing lack of updates.
  • I would rather have this than silence
  • Agreed, but the continued lack of substantive information is troubling.
  • well sprint needs information from samsung and samsung isnt giving out information because they don't care.
  • If that is the case, they should have no problem saying so in timely fashion, should they?
  • why are they wasting any time on froyo when gingerbread is already out?
  • It has taken them 6 months to get Android 2.2 close to being ready. You wanna wait 5 months for 2.3? I don't.
  • Are u kidding? Galaxy is never going to see Gingerbread lol.
  • not kidding sadly. i read galaxy would not get froyo on this site a while back, frankly i'm surprised to hear this announcement. if they are putting froyo in the works, why not gingerbread, please elaborate
  • The check is in the mail, dude! I promise! the postman must have lost it! Sounds like a stoner making excuses about rent.
  • Froyo o Froyo where art thou Froyo. I think Smeigle from Lord of the Rings did something to him
  • This is still all pretty ridiculous. Samsung says " oh we gave it to the carriers in November". Carriers say " we want to deliver the best possible experience", which is really code for "its taking a long time to port all of our crapware and stuff it onto the SGS build". The question is, is this the new norm? Sprint had no problem getting Froyo onto the Evo within a month. What makes the Epic 4G different or any of the Galaxy S devices? Something seems fishy here. I don't buy the conspiracy theories, but things just don't mesh well. The SGS devices have nearly the same internal hardware...a camera here or there, a keyboard on the epic, but does this really take month after mont of testing? I mean damn, some of the XDA folks are working on Froyo builds without even having a proper kernel. This isn't right, I don't care what Sammy or the carriers say. It's never again for me and Sammy.
  • It's all Samsung fault best believe that cause all the carrier has to do is push it out. Thank you HTC they are the truth.
  • I don't care. I want 2.2 now. I don't care about blah, blah, blah. It's been 8 months since Froyo was released in May. 8 freakin months.
  • So much for the "NOW" network... How about a long overdue update... NOW?
  • Don't blame it on the NOW network. Samsung is whack. I got Froyo on my Evo on the NOW network. What about you?....
  • I got Froyo on my Epic 4g on the Now Network and its awesome!
  • Yep, I have definitely learned my lesson. This is my last Samsung phone for sure. My next phone will be an HTC no doubt. I agree with the above commenter, why even bother with Froyo when Gingerbread is already out?
  • At least it's something, I'll agree with that. But would we have seen this from Sprint has not the Froyo for Vibrant story been reported. Who wants to bet the delay is due to the attempted addition of Sprint ID to the software?
  • I have to agree. Sprint essentially says, sorry, we promise we are doing something (please don't sue us). And then Android Central gives them a pass? I want to see a letter writing campaign from Android Central subscribers that essentially says this:
    We now realize that Sprint does not put any priority on keeping current subscriber's devices updated and we realize that Samsung has no interest in keeping devices updated. To that end, I promise not to suggest Sprint as a carrier or Samsung as a mobile device provider to anyone until the Epic gets at minimum a Froyo build. Further, if it takes more than a year to see Gingerbread, I am moving to T-Mobile and a Nexus Device.
  • I'm not trying to shill for AC, but I don't think they're "giving them a pass". I think it's more that they're taking the "what can we do?" position. I could do without the "feeling" that AC is basically trying to say we're all being petulant about this. Just a feeling I have.
  • Your complaining about Sprint, but what about the other carriers???? T-mobile has announced it but not released it. What about the beloved Verizon????
  • I've been thinking the exact same thing for a while now. I remembered a while back when it was posted that the Epic was getting Sprint ID. I am glad I am not alone in wondering if this is playing a part in the delay. I, for one, hope that the ID addition is not a complication and for that matter, I hope Sprint ID is not put on the phone at all. For those who know more about these things than I do, isn't it a resource hog?
  • This statement from Sprint still doesn't say anything. I just don't understand why they are so worried about providing a date and possibly missing it. They instead just post - we're working on it - essentially the same thing Samsung is saying. I contacted Samsung chat support last night and discussed this update with them, but they said that at live support, they did not have any information for me and referred to the toll free number for Galaxy Support. I called them up today, and they said that the only information they were "allowed" to provide is esentially the same thing that they've been repeating on their Twitter account about the uniqueness of each device. They couldn't even say what this "uniqueness" was or even comment if the issue is the touchwiz, the landscape mode, or the slide out keyboard. They also couldn't even say if the update would come at the end of the month or mid-February. Another thing I don't get is that U.S. Cellular had no problem announcing that the Mesmerize would get the update in March. I don't think there is any confusion about that, and I'm sure that if U.S. Cellular realizes that the update won't happen in March, that they will update their customers. So, the U.K. and Canada have the update. Supposedly the Vibrant on T-Mobile gets updated on 1/21, and the Fascinate got a maitenance update to fix GPS issues. What's been to the Epic????? Maybe someone can explain why a date or general timeframe or even what the current status is regarding testing has to be so "secretive" that no carriers or even the manufacturer are willing to provide information.
  • The plot thickens in the near never ending saga of the Galaxy S. We live and learn peeps. Samsung will never get my business again. And if Google doesn't address this soon with the carriers and vendors mucking up their software with screwy updates and bloat it could very well be my last Android phone.
  • this is funny. People have gone as far as blaming Google. people are hilarious. Your Epic running 2.1 is still better than 90% of the phones out there. Android users are sensitive.
  • The only uniqueness is the crapware the carriers seem so hell bent on cramming onto devices to increase our user experience. So we are admittedly biased at AC, but is the average user's experience really enhanced by carrier craplets? I don't get it. AFAIC, they should roll out Vanilla android to ALL their device and also whatever crapware builds they want. LET US CHOOSE, see what consumers ACTUALLY want. Frankly, given that Android is given away for free I think that a commitment to distribute Vanilla android should be something that OHA members have to commit to, much like they have to release their GPL/Apache sources. It would be a pretty reasonable condition.
  • What some of you seem to forget about your phones is that you already made a choice about carrier bloatware when you bought your phones. If you really valued Vanilla Android, you would have already showed the carriers, with your purchase decisions. Maybe not all carriers offer Vanilla Android phones, but some manufacturer skins are definitely better than others. Next time, instead of complaining about the bloatware, show them you mean business, with your wallets.
  • At this pace we need a statement from samsung and sprint saying that they are working on gingerbread for existing galaxy s. Otherwise I'm afraid we may be in a similar spot with gingerbread. Has htc announced anything regarding gingerbread on the evo?
  • Yes... HTC has said the EVO will get Gingerbread. At this rate, the EVO will have Gingerbread b4 the Epic ever sees Froyo.
  • Man am I ever glad I went with the G2 instead of the Galaxy S.... rockin cyanogen 7 and loving life
  • Running cm7 gingerbread nightly on my evo. Badass!
  • I am done waiting. I rooted, installed ext4, froyo. It was easy it don't know what took me so long. So.. where's gingerbread?
  • This is such a non statement- no ETA? NONE? "We approve the release of software updates when a new software version provided by the manufacturer can bring a better overall customer experience on the device." Translation: We're doing our best to add even MORE BLOAT to improve what we feel the customer experience should be. The leaked build works Sprint- push it out already. More importantly it has fixes that address the BUGS in your current build. In my book you should have already pushed out a bug update and THEN a froyo update- so you're 2 updates behind!
  • samsung and the carriers are useless
    whatever update they finally give you will still suck just go to xda and update your phone yourself
    it aint hard and they work just fine
  • There's a slight problem with what you're saying. Everything on XDA, when it comes to the US Galaxy S phones, is based on Samsung's release. The leaked Froyo roms the dev's spruced up still have the same bugs as the original leak. The Dev's can't fix them because they don't have the source and Samsung won't release the source until they officially release the Froyo update. Changing the format to speed things up, removing bloatware and other cosmetic changes are nice, but if the leak has bugs, it's going to still have the bugs.
  • AT&T + Samsung is the worst combination for updating phones one reason left them!
  • If its taking this long to get Froyo, Epic 4G can dream about Gingerbread because its NEVER coming to Galaxy S. And the only reason we will never see 2.3 is because of the complete incompetence on the part of Samsung. Shoulda went with HTC when i had the chance....
  • I am by no means saying that the carriers/Sammy are not totally in the wrong for this issue. But guys come on rooting has become so easy that bricking your phone has to be almost intentional, and the voided warranty line is BS because you can always reset your phone via ruu/sbf ect. and they will be non the smarter.
  • Ok, now please tell me why HTC did not take too long with Evo. I believe you are a naive person. I respect your opinion though.
  • Because that's one phone and a flagship phone at that. Samsung has a full line up to do and they are all on different carriers.
  • Got tired of waiting on sprint so I just added froyo myself. Rooted , ext4 , truly epic rom, 2.2. It realy wasn't hard, just follow all steps
  • I did the same. I have had froyo since the begining of December. The DK28. Now I have The TruelyEpic Rebirth v1.2 AC. I do not need that froyo. Sprint and Sammy have been playing with all Epic user for a while. They lost my respect long time ago. Sammy should be pushing out Gingerbread instead of Froyo. If they did that I would think about buying another Samsung handset, otherwise I won't buy another Samsung device.
  • I cant believe at some point they were already ready to push it out to users There must have been something terribly wrong ith the build they were working with for them to have taken this long. That damn Touchwiz overlay just makes things difficult. Hell, at least Sense makes things a lot more seemless. Ive played with the Vibrant and started to realize that the processor power was meant for TouchWiz alone, needing all that power. Very laggy, IMO, indeed.
  • I'm running one of the froyo builds on my epic and I can see why they haven't formally released it yet.... it's buggy as can be. Bluetooth is working strange, users are having gps issues, i've found a lot of apps that crash it... If I was in sprint's shoes I wouldn't release it either.
  • Here's the way I see it: -The phone ain't bad with 2.1
    -I have 21 months on this contract
    -Changing devices constantly and out of cycle is expensive...not just devices themselves but accessories (which means I'm unlikely to change carriers just because my phone doesn't keep up with the Joneses)
    -Something even more amazing will be out by Oct. 2012 All of the above means I'm not worried about when or even if my phone ever gets Froyo, Gingerbread, or Peanut Butter Sandwich.
  • Its like the government complaining about not having$ and then spending$ to advertise that to us.
  • Which is why my Evo will be my last Android phone.
  • Seriously, I think they missed the boat on Froyo and should push Gingerbread out. If the devs on XDA can make the flaky beta build work, Samsung can handle getting the real one out.
  • I think Google should buy TMobile and rename it GMobile. I would swith in a know service would improve over time and always have the greatest and latest!!!
  • its Samsung's fault not sprint because Samsung just had to use the rfs file system instead of ext4 so its taking too long to put their bloatware
  • Eat more FROYO!!!! I hear it's good for you digestive system.
  • "We can't provide any guidance on an exact or estimated release date at this time, but please know we are working to get Froyo out for the Epic as quickly as possible." That's code for "Nowhere f*cking near".