Weekly Photo Contest: Sweets

We're wrapping up a very sweet photo contest — one that brought in four full pages of great entries in the forums and made it tough to pick just two winners. The great variety of pictures this week had us both jealous of the tasty treats at some of the members' disposal and a little worried for a few peoples' health, to be honest. Let's hope that everything that was photographed this week was consumed in moderation. Read along and see which "sweets" pictures took down the prizes this week.

Winner of an LG WCP-300 Qi Wireless Charger, itslikeimsayin!

Weekly Photo Contest: Sweets Winner

Giant barrels full of candy? Sign us up. We think this shot of the candy store window is great, and it has all of the right perspective and just enough sugar overload for one picture. This one was taken with a Nexus 4 and edited in the camera app.

Winner of an LG WCP-300 Qi Wireless Charger, mkcollins!

Weekly Photo Contest: Sweets Winner

What a great, artistic photo of some freshly made scones. We enjoy the top-down view of this shot and how the cooling rack goes slightly out of frame, letting you focus on the paper in the middle. Taken with a Galaxy S4 and edited in VSCO Cam.