AC Photo Contest: Transportation

We love to see how everyone gets from place to place, and we love even more to see it illustrated with wonderful photos. Our latest photo contest was looking for your best "transportation" photos, and you all delivered wonderfully. At the end of the contest we had to narrow things down to just five winners, and you can see them here.

Winner of Google Cardboard, mrbanks!

AC Photo Contest: Transportation winner

A car of this vintage hasn't been the most efficient form of transportation for some time, but it's still a sight to be seen. Rather than get a full shot of the car we have a nicely blurred shot that captures the big front end — and all of the colors and chrome associated. Taken with an LG G2 — great shot.

Winner of Google Cardboard, Shicong Lu!

AC Photo Contest: Transportation winner

We have plenty of shots here of the outside of trains, but this was one of the great shots from inside a crowded one. We really like the view from above, and the angle, which together really show you how packed the car is. Taken with a Nexus 5 — well done.

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Winner of Google Cardboard, Anthony Martins Rock!

AC Photo Contest: Transportation winner

Rather than going with a bright and colorful train shot, this early morning picture from above a station is a bit more subdued. The limited light leaves you to just pick out the lines and features that you want, as your eye isn't particularly drawn to just one part of the photo. Taken with a Galaxy S6 edge+ — wonderfully done!

Winner of Google Cardboard, tx_tuff!

AC Photo Contest: Transportation winner

Sticking in England, here's another great shot, and one with a bit more color to it. The train cars offer a pop of color, but so does the station platform — and the sky in the background lightens up the whole frame. Taken with an LG G4 and edited with Pixlr — awesome picture.

Winner of Google Cardboard, manhattan123!

AC Photo Contest: Transportation winner

Some healthy editing was done here, but the effect is great. The full black and white scene is accented nicely by the strong blue bike in the foreground, really setting it apart from the pattern of the dozens of bikes behind it. Taken with a Moto X 2013 and edited in Pixlr — great one.

If you've won this contest, keep an eye on your email inbox for information on how we'll get the prize out to you. It may take some time to get to everyone, so please be patient while you wait to be contacted.

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!

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