Android's ultra-low spec version of the Pre coming to Europe

What had better be the cheapest Android smartphone ever, the Palm Pre-esque Alcatel OT-980, will soon show up on the shelves in Europe.  We talked about this one ages ago (in Android time anyway) when the specs sounded better, check it out.  We have no dates, but supposedly in the UK this August and very soon in France.  We do however, have some supposed final specs.  Those of you not into the bottom end style Androids, avert your eyes.

  • Android 1.6
  • 2.8 inch 240x320 resistive touchscreen
  • 70 MB internal storage
  • microSD card slot (you'll need it!)
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • 1150 mAh battery
  • HSDPA, 802.11 b/g, bluetooth 2.0

At least it's the vertical slider many of us have been wanting.  Almost :)  Couple more pics after the break.  [Unwired View]

Alcatel OT-980 1

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Trash
  • That thing is a steaming pile of sh
  • I just dumped my pre for an evo. Why would I want to go back to even more crappy hardware with outdated software?
  • More Audiovox PPC6600-esque than pre-esque. But it's about time. Android is free. There's no R&D involved. You slap it on spec hardware. I know that's over-simplifying, but where are the cheap Android phones? And if the Androids cost as much as iPhones and Blackberries (Blackberrys?), then who's pocketing the savings? So far I've only seen Verizon's LG for 50 bucks. There needs to be more of a low end to this market than there is now. I'll never buy one, but bring 'em on. --Q-fugee
  • Does Android need this? Gives those Apple fanboys another reason to scream fragmentation (when they are not busy defending fatal flaws in their ONLY current model). I hate to see any manufacturer taking Android on a headlong race to the bottom. It just breeds problems for everybody, users, carriers, and developers. Seems to me this would be perfect place for the Retirement of Symbian.
  • Why did they even bother?
  • Seriously, throw this sh** away. 1.6? 70mb internal storage? 2MP camera? 2.8inch screen? This thing is horrible.
    Horrible specs and it looks fat. WHY? Edit: If the Kin went, then so should this.
    Also, check out the video in the link above... the touchscreen is god awful. Who did they plan on targetting with this phone? Gives Android a bad name.
  • How does this have Live Wallpapers and 1.6?
  • Should just put stock 2.1 (2.2 if the hardware can handle it) on these low end devices rather than 1.6.
  • These are the portrait Droids you are looking for
  • Wow....
  • No way this is 1.6 check you're source has to be a minimum of 2.1 or it wouldn't run live wallpaper. 2.1 isn't just for mid and high end phone.
  • Nice catch both you and Ruffles. But the source clearly says Android 1.6. Could be in error and they're all running éclair....but would that really make a difference? lol
  • Dear god how THICK is that thing?
  • Resistive touch screen? O_O
    Oh lord.
    I know this thing is low-end but... really?
    I now agree with the claim that Motorola is going to revolutionise the low-end of android.
  • what a joke!
  • puked in my mouth. What an insult to the Pre.
  • Obviously wouldn't make a dent for the big carriers, but I can see this an entry model for the smaller carriers to say "Hey, we have Android, too."
  • I like the form factor...but the specs are crap. Wish MOTO or HTC would make something similar but thinner, bigger screen and better specs.
  • Hmmm... How quaint... *gags at the thought of owning one*