Android's Andy Rubin: It's 'legacy,' not 'fragmentation' [#io2010]

First question out of the gate today for the Android leadership at Google IO was about everybody's favorite subject: fragmentation. And VP of engineering Andy Rubin put things in perspective: 

Some of the press has called this "fragmentation," and that's probably the wrong word for this. The better word for it is "legacy." These phones and devices ... the iteration ... is incredibly fast.

And when we stop to think about it, we like that term. It's not all fire and brimstone like you guys are looking for, but it's the way it is.

Look, that's really not going to make a lot of you happy. But that's just the hard truth: These phones are progressing extremely fast. At some point yours will be old. At some point ours will be old. And we'll all have to live with that.

Check out the whole exchange after the break.

Phil Nickinson