As an Android user, what do you think about the iPhone XS?

On September 12, 2018, Apple held an event at its Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino to unveil its brand-new hardware for the latter part of the year. While there Apple Watch Series 4 and iPhone XR look awfully interesting, the main focus was on the iPhone XS.

This is the successor to last year's iPhone X, and this time around, is joined by a larger sibling in the form of the iPhone XS Max. Both the XS and XS Max offer minor improvements compared to the X, including a faster CPU, better image processing, longer battery life, and faster Face ID.

Looking through the AC forums, there are a lot of people that have plenty of thoughts to share on yesterday's announcements.

I’ve only recently (9 months ago) went from android over to Apple and invested heavily in their ecosystem, I.e. iPhone, MacBook Pro etc etc and having seen the absurd prices of the Xs Max I think i won’t be buying any new products anytime soon. The watch alone has increased by £70 over last years model and they are near enough pricing me back to the android market. The keynote just seemed very...


$1,099 for a 64GB iPhone XS Max (what kind of name is that???) is absolutely ridiculous. Why would anyone pay that price for a 64GB phone??? I am with you. I don't miss my iPhone X at all. I am really happy with my 512GB Note 9.

Mr Segundus

I'm going back and forth between Note 9 and Max. The Apple adherents are extremely angry on their boards as many want the the big OLED but Apple is squeezing them. Personally 128 gb is just as useful as 256 me anyway. I'm not going to fill either up. But since Apple is not offering 128 gb the choice involves in effect a difference in price of about 25%. Huge. I kind of like to change...


I'll be getting the wife the new iPhone XS for her birthday next month, because she does Apple. I personally prefer my Note 9, but it'll be interesting to do a hands on comparison.


Now, we'd love to hear from you! As an Android user, what do you think about the iPhone XS?

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