Android screenshots just got a whole lot easier, for some

Folks love sharing them some screenshots. And Google's just rolled out a new way to take them and share them, but with a few caveats. Generally speaking to take a screenshot you hold the power and volume down (or sometimes up, or sometimes a home button) at the same time. It can vary a little depending on which phone you have (which is why we've got you covered here). But for folks with physical limitations — or sometimes cases that make the two-shot method more difficult — that may be a non-starter.

Google has begun rolling out a new screenshot method via Google Now on Tap (so, an update to the Google app), by way of a little share icon that appears on the bottom left. Just tap it, and you'll get a screenshot of whatever screen you're on, and immediate options to share it.

The sticking point, of course, is that this is a Marshmallow-only feature for now. And while that's great if you've got it, something like 99.5 percent of all current Android users don't.

See how to take a screenshot on your phone

Phil Nickinson