Android Pie issue tracker: The biggest bugs and problems

Android Pie is the first time we've seen such a wide adoption of a new platform version at launch. Google's Pixel phones have it, of course, but we've also seen the stable and final version come to Essential's PH1. Google tells us that the phones from Sony, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus that were part of the Android P beta will all be updated early this fall, as well as all qualifying Android One devices. And with any new software, there will be bugs.

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Android Pie has its share of those dreaded "unintended behaviors and features" that software developers hate to see and we hate to stumble across while we try to use our phones. Some are minor, some are going to be inconvenient, and some might be a reason to hold off on updating if you haven't already. I've looked through bug trackers, official forums, Reddit, XDA forums, and every other place I could think of to see what folks are saying to build out a list of the most significant (read: most often reported) bugs for phones with the official Android Pie release.

Here's what's happening as of late August 2018.

Pie bugs across the board

These are the issues that users with all phones have reported seeing. It's likely that these are actual platform bugs and fixing them for one phone fixes them for all.

  • Battery draining fast while idle.
  • Battery draining fast with Adaptive Battery enabled.

These two bugs may be an incompatibility with specific apps. That could mean an adjustment in the Android framework is needed, or it could be poorly developed apps going rouge. Or both.

  • Google Assistant voice match settings not stored correctly.

This could be a bug in Assistant or it could be a bug in Android Pie. What I know for sure is that several folks have reported that using a shared Google Home product involves retraining Assistant to your voice each time you want to use any personalized setting or feature.

  • Bluetooth connection and volume bugs

There will always be Bluetooth issues when a project uses the latest open-source Bluetooth stack and tries to connect to other devices that use proprietary older versions of the standard. This is why some companies are late to adopt the newest version of Bluetooth and why Bluetooth in your car — which is probably a very old version and in dire need of an update — can suck. Google will get these issues fixed in time for the next version of Bluetooth to arrive.

Original Pixel and Pixel XL

  • Home and recents buttons disappear; sometimes require a reboot to come back
  • Phone becomes unresponsive while charging
  • Fast charging no longer working with some chargers
  • Other parties unable to hear during an outbound call
  • OTA update still failing for some users

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

  • Constant scanning for Wi-Fi networks
  • Incoming calls default to speakerphone when answered
  • Video capture freezing after a minute or two
  • Adaptive Brightness feature not triggering as expected
  • Display can become too bright or too dim while using the automatic setting

Essential PH1

  • Wi-Fi connection issues
  • Call volume bugs (too loud and too quiet are both reported as bugs)
  • Notch settings in the developer options are gone

Some of these bugs are self-explanatory, and some total code geek level. Some can also be a coincidence where multiple users have a hardware fault and some may be present on your phone even if you've never done the thing needed to trigger them. Hunting and killing bugs is hard but having more phones see Android Pie earlier than ever before will help get them sorted and fixed.

I know plenty of other people are seeing some bugs, maybe these or others that aren't listed. If you're using Android Pie and seeing things that are off-kilter, jump into the comments and let everyone know what you're seeing and on what phone.

To file an official bug report, look here for the right place to talk about your particular device.

Update August 2018: This post will be continually updated until every major bug in Android Pie has been found and squashed. We hate bugs!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I was using the Android P beta on my first gen Pixel. I ran into an issue where I couldn't connect to my Jeep's Bluetooth. Using my phone I turned Bluetooth off and back on. Once it connected my screen shut off and I was never able to get it back on. The phone is bricked and I had to buy something new unfortunately.
  • 😨
  • Not sure why your phone subsequently bricked itself, but I have a bug open about car BT not working until you cycle it on the phone at
  • same, only in pixel 2 and with a jabra headset.
    plus audio quality on voice outgoing deteriorating randomly.
  • At least it wasn't your screen on your cars dash causing you to buy a new car 😉
  • I would have thought this is a Bluetooth connection issue.
    Once the phone goes dead it should reboot?
    Or completely unrelated, your motherboard just died.
  • I'm running P on a 2XL and using project fi and I have my fi number set up in Hangouts and I have no problem receiving phone calls or of course making phone calls I don't use the phone dialer on any phone I have because I also have a Google Voice number so it's just easier to have both my fi number and my Straight Google Voice number set up in the Hangouts dialer. I definitely like P better than O I've not noticed any bugs that I can think of at this time I do think that changes are going to have to be made to the gestures, on my 5T I'm using the new XDA gesture app and they are much better than the gestures on P also some gestures need to be added to the launcher swipe down for notifications and double tap screen off.
  • Please notice that on Android 9 (Pie) no call recording application works. It is Google's new policy not to allow call recording at all. For me that's a deal breaker.
  • Main issue is LastPass doesn't work properly with fingerprint authentication when using autofill. If you launch the app manually it works, but otherwise it won't respond to fingerprints.
  • Multitasking with Nova Launcher ran like garbage, rolled back to O.
  • Pixel 2. So far the only bothersome bug is that I do not receive notification sounds through the phone speakers when I have Bluetooth headphones connected. The notification comes through the headphones but I don't always have them in my ears. I tend to miss text messages and emails because if this. Phone rings fine.
  • My Bluetooth issue is I have to re-pair my earbuds 90% of the time I try to connect them to listen to music. Or when they do connect the volume is messed up. I have to turn the volume all the way up to hear music and you can hear static.
  • Android P on Pixel 2 XL T-mobile. I'm not receiving or making calls intermittently. I have to restart the phone when it happens. No other issues but I guess this is a big one.
  • I am running Android P on my Pixel XL and no problems to report. I have been running it for 2 weeks and all is fine.
  • Robi? Please notice that on Android 9 (Pie) no call recording application works. It is Google's new policy not to allow call recording at all. For me that's a deal breaker.
  • I have JIT call recorder installed, and it works. Have to mention, that the other party's voice is not loud enough on the records, but it's fine when recorded on loudspeaker. Might be because I bought the full version of the software before upgrading to P.
  • This was a damn helpful article. Was contemplating installing the beta because I can't help myself, but the BT bugs are kind of a show stopper for me. Thanks for putting this together.
  • I'm on the Essential Phone(unlocked) and I have two main issues: 1) I cannot receive calls unless I select 3G under Network and Devices, Mobile Network, Preferred Network type. 2) I tried to roll back to O due to the call issue and I get an error message in recovery mode saying sideload aborted when it's about halfway through the process! Arrgh! This is the maddening one. I tried flashing through Fastboot and unlocking the bootloader and the same **** happened. Am I just going to have to wait until the next update? Anyone have a solution? BTW, if I sideloaded the OTA version, the next version will come via OTA right? I'm a newbie at this stuff. I came from the walled garden of Apple. Oh yeah, I was going to sell this phone to get the OnePlus 6. Guess I'll have to wait until the software gets fixed or I can sideload O again. Dammit.
  • Sounds like you're going to have to wait my friend. I've been looking to sideload android oreo too. Battery life has been terrible on mine. I'm getting around 3hrs of screen on time. And my phone calls are super low despite having volume on high
  • Sorry to hear about both of these issues. So far my essential works great with P. None of your reported issues
  • Amusing how consumers want to run a buggy, unfonished operating system. Curious... I ask all of you... What game changing feature compelled you to move from O to P? I see nothing compelling in P beta worth crashing my phone for. Given the majority of Android users run Marshmallow, the rest of the world agrees either O or P aren't important.
  • Do you feel better after getting the lecture out of your system?
  • Do you moron
  • Actually most people are on Android Nougat looks like somebody needs to do their research before lecturing others.
  • Because some of us enjoy the process of advancing technology and...
    We've thrown our cards into Android instead of apple..
    You sound like an apple person..
    Simply because you don't get it, meaning you don't get why we'd take a buggy operating system over a fully operational system..
    Well **** man if **** stinks don't sniff it I don't know what to tell ya.. bleeding edge tech makes me happy(expletive deleted)
    And I can't stand (personally)
    Perusing websites hoping my phone shows up as *slated* in 6 months or less (which means eight months *minimum*
    So beta let's me see *why* it's not ready and gives me a chance to help Android win..
    Kinda like when the FBI helped Hillary *lose* (unintentionally) but I didn't mean to go political.
    What I meant was they've sorta hired their own fans to get themselves ahead and the fans graciously oblige because they believe in the cause they are supporting ya know?
    It is what it is, and I think it's awesome.
    I have Android 9 on my pixel two before others get 8 so I'm happy to deal with some Bluetooth weirdness and laggy words with Friends while Android uses my feedback to further improve a system I truly believe in.
    If you want a stable version keep the stable version and get in line like Everyone else. Last point, best point. Android has been keeping pace and now outpacing apple on 10+ competitively developed platforms while apple devs are falling behind, even though (or maybe because?) they work inside a controlled environment. All they gotta do is perfect a singular unit which they completely control, hardware, software, everything.. What's the problem? They stopped flexing, can you say atrophy?
    Google has been working ten times harder *FLEXING* and it shows..
    This is why they win.
  • Btw the Nexus lineup has only been a series of tryouts, designed as a competition by Google while they work on the fragmentation issue to see which company makes the best hardware and it looks like htc was the best desigers of hardware so Google bought em!!
    Lol it's freaking awesome, they wanted to be absolutely sure that they've got the absolutely best operating system paired with the absolutely best hardware and now they have the advantage that kept apple in the lead for so long.. hardware manufacturing division with skills and vision..
    Can't wait to see how obsolete every other phone maker becomes as a result in this brilliant execution of plans. So tedious, so well planned.
    They were never worried about the iPhones. Apple has never had that outward mind, the truly visionary vision.
    They are amazing with functionality and logical systems.
    I will always recognize that.. their landscape is functional, seamless, secure. But again. Android accomplishing this on multiple platforms and improving much more rapidly.
  • The main reason why most Android users are on older versions has less to do with issues with Android, and more to do with OEMs not offering OS updated in a timely manner. The majority of Android users run Samsung products, and their track record for updates isn't stellar. Most of the time they offer major updates months after they're released. Considering a mom&pop group (in comparison to Samsung at least) like Essential can get updates out as fast as Google can, Samsung, with resources to burn, has no excuse for not being able to do the same.
  • Every OS from iOS, Windows and Android all have bugs. However my primary reason to be on the latest is to have the most up to date security fixes. Pretty simple.
  • This is why you should never install Android developer preview software on your main phone as there's always some sort of issues and Android P is obviously no exception.
  • There is also a common bug that started from Android 8.x , of incoming calls not playing ringtones even though it should.
  • The only issue I've had was the day I updated. The layout I use on Evie Launcher and the default launcher layout were overlapping each other on the home screen. It happened once, and I haven't had any issues since. I'm on an Essential PH-1 through Sprint
  • OG Pixel XL....Android Assistant unresponsive to "OK, Google". Phone locked.....or unlocked. Have to long press the home button to open assistant. Seems to be a wide reaching issue based on what I've seen on the interwebs.
  • Pie on 2XL. the pill swipe right for previous app doesn't work properly. expecting to toggle between app1 & app2 when swipe right, but it toggle to app3. swipe again, it toggle to app4, swipe again, it toggle to app1, swipe, app2, swipe, app1.. now onwards it work as expected. what gives? it's frustrating as heck.
    swiping the pill upwards though, work as expected.
  • Some pretty major bugs there, hope they get squashed soon! BTW re battery am guessing you mean rogue apps, unless they're some dodgy red (light?) ones ;)
  • On my Pixel 2 XL I noticed when I swipe to another page I get some serious lag and jank .
  • Since I updated the O.S. on my Pixel 2, the call recording apps don't work. The reason is the new policy of Google not to allow call recording at all, beginning from Android 9 (Pie) O.S. Really BAD news...
    I have to go back to Oreo (Android 8.1) - and stay there forever.
  • I have a original Pixel XL on T-Mobile. My tether no longer works. When I turn on tethering my phone can't be detected by any other device. Also my battery runs out a lot faster!
  • "Ok, Google", touch to wake, and lift to wake no longer work on my Pixel 2 XL. These features worked with the beta of Android P, but not with the final release. I've, of course, double-checked the settings, turned the features off and then back on, all with no success.
  • Since android P stable final update, The smart face unlock, 8 out of 10 times doesnt show up at all in the lockscreen. It just asks me for either finger print or PIN. Have tried everything from clearing the cache of the face unlock to resetting the smart lock and adding face again. What Im trying to say is, the problem is not that my phone doesnt recognize my face very often and fails to unlock, no, but instead my phone doesnt show that little face icon at the bottom of lockscreen to let me unlock my phone by showing my face! Nothing even changed after the latest September 5 security update. It was working flawlessly on Oreo. Pixel 2XL
  • My wife and I have the Pixel XL and Pixel, with the previous OS no issues, soon as we updated we started having issues. When receiving texts or calls we do not get a audio notification. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't. Very annoying when expecting important calls.
  • My Pixel 2 will not update to Android Pie, even after resetting it. It keeps on looping on System update installing....and then Update Paused.
  • Im glad all you pixel owners get all the bugs out for us Samsung owners ...its sad but google phones are just beta testers for the rest of android ..they think there geting it first cuz there special lol
  • I've had issues with Bluetooth. Previously connected devices won't pair. I deleted my Bluetooth glucose meter settings. Re paired. I can't/won't link up.