Android Market gets another update, brings PIN locking, +1ing

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Another update to the Android Market is pushing out to your smartphone, and we're liking what we're seeing. There are a couple of new features you need to know about. The first is that you can now +1 apps from within the market on your phone. That's a good thing, and you should practice on this one. The other is that you can now set a PIN lock on market purchases. That means you'll have to enter a code any time you want to buy an app -- but it'll also keep someone else for charging things for you, too.

  • First lol nice feature
  • First in line at the glory hole: Nice feature!
  • the pin lock will be great. Both my kids have Asus tablets and I always add my account to purchase apps for them and remove it after so they don't buy apps on their own, now I can just leave my account on there and not worry.
  • I still have the OOOOOLD market on my Evo, why?
  • :D
  • Thanks!
  • Are you sure about that link? it didn't work for me.
  • I had the update pushed to my MT4G automatically. When I updated to gingerbread it rolled back to the old market. The link worked great, but I rolled it back again to the old market. Just seemed too much in one place. All those books movies yada yada. I do like the top free, top paid, etc. But the simplicity of the old market convinced me to keep it as it was... Just my little 2 cents that no one asked for lmao
  • Double Post My Bad
  • Same here
  • My version number is 2.3.4 EDIT..downloaded the APK and now i am at version 3.0.27
  • I heard about the new market a few weeks ago. I thought it was not out yet - and here is an update! Annoying to be left out and even more annoying that you cannot manually update. I am actually shocked Google hasn't been more aggressive in getting this new market out to the public. My understanding is that it includes movie rentals which should be a new source of $$$ for Google.
  • I still have the old market on my Evo as well. I know I can manually install the new versions, but I'm curious if there is a known reason this isn't updating on some phones?
  • When will europeans get the new market?
  • Whilst it's slightly different to the version shown in the video (there's no "books" or "movie" categories, for a start), the version of Android Market on my (Australian) Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone") FINALLY upgraded from version 2.3.6 to version 3.1.3... No sign of the "Google +1" feature, however.
  • What is the version number?
  • I had the same problem on my Epic 4G...I think it has something With Sprint. I had the old Andriod Market for a month so longer than other people on Verizon. It's weird I know. Either way sucks for you. I do like the +1 feature though. But that is going to change from a like not like status instead of giving people the better options of how much they like it using the stars as a way to find out how good the app is. Well, hopefully it's for the better, just don't see how. The lock pin is good to have. You don't want anyone messing with you app purchases.
  • I have the new market but how do I get the update?
  • New market apk, version 3.1.3
    Tested on my HTC Desire with official Gingerbread - looks great and works great! Enjoy :)
  • Thanks, works like a charm .
  • I still haven't gotten the last updated pushed to my Evo 3D. :(
  • I've got the new market on my old EVO and the old market on my EVO 3d. How strange is that....????
  • I think it has to do with the 'Sprint' Tab. At least thats what I saw was missing when I installed the new market on my Photon.
  • I got the update a few days after the gingerbread update on my Droid X2.
  • why can't i get the Android Central app on my HTC Thunderbolt? EDIT: oh, it's one word "androidcentral" got it. my bad.
  • I manually updated mine the other day & it messed up my downloads so much that I had to re-flash my rom. Evo 4g with Sinister Tensai & GO Launcher EX.
  • Does anyone know a way to block certain apps from updating? There are a few I have (free & paid) that I don't care for features on the newer versions and want to hide the updates to those. I'm just using TB to keep them now and delete and restore if they do update.
  • You can manually update. I did probably a month ago.
  • I thought this was a story about the android market...why are they showing a Windows phone in the picture?
  • That's the new market.
  • Yeah. that's the new version of the Android Market, though it appears that Google are only just starting to roll this out internationally, despite the fact that it has been available to North Americans for some time... Whilst it's slightly different to the version shown in the video (there's no "books" or "movie" categories, for a start), the version of Android Market on my (Australian) Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone") FINALLY upgraded from version 2.3.6 to version 3.1.3 (no sign of the "Google +1" feature, however).
  • And that was sarcasm, you must have missed it. :P
  • Dyster, if you're using Titanium Backup, long press on the app in TB and another menu pops up. Choose "Detached from Market" and then that app won't show-up in your market update list anymore.
  • Prefer the old market,
    Tried the new one,
    Did not like the boxy look,
    Rolled back to old version,
    Looks and works so much better.
  • Way too big of an app now, and I loathe how Google never lets you put their ginormous apps on the SD card. Some of us are still clinging to our old Moto Droids. Don't judge...
  • This is great another beautiful update from google...I love android
  • I like this market it might be a tad faster on my EVO 3D. I love the plus one on the applications that is lovely..I am rocking a total of 93 applications on my DUALCORE MONSTER..I am in heaven...
  • Downloaded the new 3.1.3.apk. And have not noticed any apps/game with a + 1 option
  • Help! When I got the previous new marketplace update it wasn't working properly! When I access "My applications" it only says that I have 4 apps installed, which is obviously wrong. Plus its been over a week & supposedly non of my apps have had any updates in any way? AC reported that Google Maps received an update & I still haven't gotten that either. This is a little anybody else having this issue too?
  • Go into manage applications and find the market. Choose clear data. That sometimes works.
  • Was able to load to my EVO 4G but my only issue has been that it continually times out. I have to reload and reload until it finally loads the market about 4 or 5 times later. Other than that I am really happy with it!