Android Market Developer Console adds new metrics to its Application Statistics

The Application Statistics dashboard within the Android Market's Developer Console has been upgraded with new functionality and a revamped UI in order to help developers better track their apps' performance. Previously, Applications Statistics showed developers where their app was being installed, by whom, and on which device. With the update, Application Statistics can now measure unique users as well as unique device models by tracking active installs, total installs, and daily installs and uninstalls. All data can now be broken down into stats for individual carriers as well.

Additional functionality includes the ability to track individual app versions, as well as an integrated timeline that plots the app's metrics since its arrival on the Market, allowing developers to see which promotional period, version update, or other factor contributed to a spike in installations. Along with the new features, the easier-to-manage UI improves usability and simplifies exporting data. 

The Application Statistics update is now live in the Android Market Developer Console. Android Developers' official statement can be found at the source link.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Anndrew Vacca