Android M offers smarter power management, double the standby battery life

Android M will introduce a great new power management feature, Doze, which will help improve power management. Doze can identify when a device is not being used, and the device will automatically dial back on the power needs. When not in use, apps will update less frequently, and in tests they have been able to show nearly double the battery life in standby time thanks to this feature.

In addition to this, Google will be implementing USB Type-C in upcoming devices, which will also help with power needs. Google's VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke said "we're going to start seeing really fast charging as a standard, up to 3 to 5 times faster." With faster charging, and longer standby times, users are able to use their devices longer, without needing to be tethered to a charge. With USB Type-C, they can even use their phone as the charger.

Jared DiPane
Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.